Jameis Winston Protected by Florida State

Jameis Winston Protected by Florida State


Just a little more proof that protecting talented athletes is more of a priority than addressing the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault. Today a move by Florida State will protect controversial quarterback Jameis Winston until after the National Championship Game

By his own performances off the field NCAA football fans know that Mr. Winston is a man without moral character. The Tallahassee Police Department claimed they could not find sufficient evidence to charge last year’s Heisman Trophy winner with sexual assault. A long-awaited hearing by the University has now been postponed until December 1st; with appeals etc., this could mean that nothing will happen until January, after the last game is played.

Florida State is currently ranked 3rd in the NCAA; the first four teams will be in the playoffs to decide the National Champion. Could this have possibly influenced the decision of Florida State’s Athletic Department?

If there is any doubt in a single reader’s mind about the disregard for acts of domestic violence and sexual assault, read “Domestic Violence Issue Disappearing from Media Focus,” in the Public Slate.

By James Turnage


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