Immigration: a Little Truth and a Little Fiction

Immigration: a Little Truth and a Little Fiction


Everyone is assuming that President Obama is about to take executive action to give legal status to approximately four million undocumented residents. Here is the first of the truths about immigration reform amidst the fiction.

Mike Lee is a Republican Senator from Utah. Monday he was speaking about the probable move by the President which would grant parents who were brought here by their parents and now have children of their own who were born in the United States legal status. He would grant the same status to individuals who have necessary talents or skills. Fictional claim number one; Lee claims that Americans are against this action by the President. Truth number one; 73 percent of Americans believe the above groups should be given legal status, and 52 percent believe Mr. Obama should take executive action.

It is a fact that none of our legislators in Washington ever ask the public’s opinion about anything. Let’s tell the second truth; Congress votes according to the wish of Lobbyists, not the general public.

Nearly every poll is in favor of allowing eleven million ‘illegal immigrants’ some form of legal status.

Why are Republicans against immigration reform? They claim that they are protecting the American people and their jobs. Another fictional statement. The truth is what this article has already stated; they are heeding the wishes of several lobbyists who represent big business.

Legalizing eleven million people would be an economic boon for the nation. A great number of undocumented workers are paid without record, or ‘under the table.’ If they have legal status, they will be paying taxes, and contributing to social security and Medicare. I’m sure you’ve figured out why big business doesn’t want any form of legalization; they would have to pay at least minimum wage, collect taxes, and contribute to social security and Medicare.

Unlike some Republican voters, their representatives in Washington favor deportation. Here is where logic should apply, but has been thrown to the side of the road. It is fiction to suggest that 11 million people could be herded into a holding area and transported back to their place of origin. The manpower and cost of such a monumental project is beyond the imagination.

If 11 million people are going to remain in the United States, what will their status become? Republicans talk a lot about the law and our Constitution; none of them truly care about either. What they do care about is their lavish lifestyle afforded to them because of their positions. Therefore, the second truth about why the oppose immigration reform is fear; fear that millions of new voters would historically cast their ballots for Democrats.

Lee is a TEA party boy. Last year he, together with Texan Senator Ted Cruz, was center stage in a successful effort to shut down the government. Lee and others have been hinting that history could repeat itself; this time over what he calls un-Constitutional action by the President.

We need intelligent, strong, and hard-working men and women in Washington. Where can we find some?

By James Turnage



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