Government and Voters Disagree on Priorities

Government and Voters Disagree on Priorities


Politicians frequently begin speeches with ‘the American people want.’ How do they know what we want? They don’t ask us, they tell us; worse yet, they don’t want us to have what they have. Our government and those who vote for them disagree on priorities.

Our present Congress is more intent on tearing down policies and programs which positively affect the American people. They should be interjecting new ideas to better the lives of our people instead of destroying what works.

Just three days after the midterm election all that has been said by the party in power is inflammatory. They have threatened the President regarding immigration reform. They plan to repeal part or all of the Affordable Care Act. Environmental issues will be ignored, allowing big business to increase pollution.

‘America Tonight’ is a television show on the Al Jazeera network. The producers have asked Americans to take a picture of themselves with what they want from government written on a poster. Most of them will never happen because Congress would gain no advantage for themselves by passing such legislation. Here are a few of the top ten.

The number one request was to remove big money from politics. Although our government believes they have fooled us, we know that they are bought and paid for by big corporations and the wealthiest one-percent of our citizens. Included in this request was campaign finance restrictions, and shorter election periods. None of this will ever happen. At a base salary of $174,000 a year, Congressmen are members of the wealthy class.

The fourth most requested was to find a way to make education affordable for everyone. This too has no chance of happening; Republicans don’t believe in higher education as exemplified by their many ignorant statements and ‘ideas.’

The fifth in voter’s priority is term limits for all federal officials. You just saw how much money they make. There is no possibility that they would vote to take away a job where they do nothing, have pension and health benefits for life, and get paid for it.

Eighth was to increase the minimum wage to make it livable. Nope. If the wealthy who support our government had to pay one dollar more, 535 people would lose their source of income from the rich elite.

Ninth was to pass immigration reform. Here’s the real problem. If the wealthy were forced to stop paying un-documented residents of our country ‘under the table,’ and were required to give them at least minimum wage, tax it, and pay into social security, Republican wallets would become a little thinner. Aint gonna happen.

Others included pleas to cease entering unnecessary and unwinnable wars, asking Congress to do their jobs, and to put the country before themselves.

The Brookings Institute issued a report about government failure; its reasons, and how to fix them. Eliminated in the report was the truth; greed, and the desire for power.

The overall opinion of intelligent voters is that men and women seek political office for personal reasons, not for the betterment of all the citizens of our nation. If they entered politics to accomplish the bidding of those they are intended to represent, the priorities of the many would also be theirs.

By James Turnage


Al Jazeera America


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James Turnage is currently a writer and editor for The Public Slate, a subsidiary of the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is also a novelist who is in the process of publishing his fourth effort. His responsibilities include Editing, reporting , managing.