Ferguson the Center of the World

Ferguson the Center of the World


The decision by the Grand Jury whether or not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown has dominated the news for days. Monday evening the ruling was confirmed; Wilson’s shooting and subsequent the death of the teenager was justified, and no charges will be filed.

Whether or not the decision is justified, it will stand. The outcome for the city of Ferguson and the nation is in question. The decision was obvious several days ago when Missouri Governor Jay Dixon activated the National Guard last week in anticipation of the result of the 12 member Grand Jury investigation.

Michael Brown was not representative of the ideal citizen. This situation is about far more than his untimely death and the actions of Officer Wilson. Racial unrest in our nation is an increasing problem. The relationship between law enforcement and minority communities is degenerating towards a level of civil war.

There is a lack of communication and education between both sides which has become an adversarial situation. Our nation has become divided between race, financial status, and those who have one-percent of the wealth in our nation. Social programs which were designed to raise individuals from the ranks of the impoverished have been eliminated or diminished; the result is a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

This is not intended to defend crime or those who commit illegal acts. However, our nation must cease to protect the few who control most of our nation’s wealth while we ignore the plight of 200 plus million people.

By James Turnage


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