Environmentalists See Midterm Elections as a Death Sentence

Environmentalists See Midterm Elections as a Death Sentence


Contrary to hyperbole by the mainstream media, the Democrats and President Obama were not the biggest losers Tuesday. Our planet will suffer the consequences of electing a ‘for profit’ party which has little concern for anything else. Environmentalists view these midterm elections as a death sentence for Mother Earth.

Just days ago a report was issued by the United Nations declaring climate change entering an ‘irreversible stage.’ The report stated that unless immediate action was taken pollution levels will quickly increase and there can be no cure.

Republican complaints that President Obama refused to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline will likely be one of the first items addressed by the 114th Congress. Arguments that tar sands oil from Canada would increase revenue, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil is fallacious at best.

The only revenue increase will be from the actual construction of the pipeline; temporary positions. Tar sands oil cannot be refined and used in this country. It will be shipped to foreign countries from the Gulf of Mexico. Only the oil companies will profit from the joint Canadian and United States venture.

President Obama said he would veto the proposition if passed.

Guaranteed to occur is a lessening of restrictions on power plant’s and factory’s emissions of greenhouse gases. Lobbyists have spent millions of dollars to prevent the President from executing his plan to clean the air, and now they can buy the votes to achieve their ambitions.

Another measure sure to be on the table early in 2015 is exporting liquefied natural gas to foreign nations. Environmentalists are against it because it would inspire oil companies to activate additional drilling sites on land in the oceans.

Although some Republicans no longer ignore the fact that climate change is the result of man destroying the environment, the majority continue to deny that it exists. Few, if any, bills will be introduced to enact measures protecting our air and water. Lobbyists for oil companies and corporations guilty of pollution will take advantage of the next two years by pouring more money into the war chests of Republicans. When Republicans pass these ‘bought and paid for’ pieces of legislation, they will claim that they are ‘creating jobs.’

Climate change is not new; scientists have known it was a serious and increasing problem for decades. The policy of the United States and other worse polluting nations has been to ignore it. That’s not possible any longer.

The ice caps are melting; storms are becoming both more severe and more frequent; droughts are commonplace; and the quality of our air and water is on the decline.

Unfortunately corporate profits trump common sense and the concerns for the future of the world and therefore our descendants.

By James Turnage


National Geographic