Environment vs Republicans: the Truth

Environment vs Republicans: the Truth


The first sentence of the Republican Platform on the environment indicates that they are concerned. When the rest of the statement is dissected, they truthfully don’t care; they care about money. Here is the truth about the battle which exists between the environment and Republicans.

Within the GOP there is nearly unanimous denial that science is valid and necessary. When a society worships a single God, in this case money, the future of all living things is in danger.

Within the Environmental Protection Agency exists a group called the Science Advisory Board. The agency relies heavily on the board to establish realistic and effective regulations to secure the public’s health. Republicans in the House have recently passed a bill which will force the EPA to allow entities with a financial interest in the decisions and guidelines of the SAB to be members of that board. In the past the EPA has selected only scientists with exceptional knowledge in their fields.

It is well-known that the true goal of the GOP is to eliminate the EPA entirely. It is one of many agencies which protect the American people from a small portion of corporate greed. Although Republicans claim the move was to create more transparency within the agency, the truth is obvious. This comes just as the Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, stated that the agency would energetically lobby for even more extensive regulations on carbon and methane emissions. It is presently working on more stringent guidelines for existing coal mines.

The hypocrisy continues. This is not your father’s GOP. This is a group of extremists who have been purchased by big business. In 2011 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted 168 times to squash bills which would have strengthened laws designed to protect clean air and water; they rejected any action to slow climate change; all laws to protect our public lands and reduce the possibility of future oil spills were defeated.

The 1970 Clean, Air Act which was passed under the watch of Republican President Richard Nixon, is now under attack from these pseudo-Republicans. The Environmental Protection Agency was created by Nixon in 1970. Other environmental projects championed by the former President include the Marine Animal Protection Act of 1972; the Endangered Species Act of 1973; and although it was passed after his resignation, the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 was proposed by Nixon, and signed by Republican President Gerald Ford.

This group, which calls itself ‘Republican,’ has attempted to eliminate all past efforts to save our planet and prevent any future legislation. For example; the House voted 240-169 in defeat of a law requiring oversight by an independent agency to determine the safety of drilling for oil; the agency could not have had any affiliation with the oil industry’s lobby, the American Petroleum Institute.

The one question which must be asked is how these thieves win elections? Any intelligent voter is fully aware that they are lying to the American people. Their intentions are as far from admirable as they could possibly be.

There can only be one answer; they had an ‘R’ next to their name on the ballot; and voters have been instructed to hate President Obama.

By James Turnage




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