Colbert Countdown: Stephen Colbert’s Best Moments

Colbert Countdown: Stephen Colbert’s Best Moments


December 1 heralds the final countdown to the end of The Colbert Report and there is no saying what the nation will do without him. His satire of the hard right wing conservatives of America has been hilarious for the last nine years and his departure from the Comedy Central lineup will leave a gaping hole in people’s lives. As part of the countdown to the end of the Report, The Public Slate is compiling a list of Stephen Colbert’s best moments during his time as host. There have been so many over the years, however, that narrowing down the list to just five instances is a nigh impossible task.

Colbert has done many things in his career. He has been part of the Super PAC crowd, interviewed countless people and even testified to Congress. His coverage of the Olympics was both funny and patriotic and he has even had the privilege of roasting the president at the yearly White House Correspondents Dinner. The whole time, he has been a recognizable character that people relate to and ridicule at the same time. With such a prestigious career, how could anyone boil it down to only five moments?

While December 18 will see the end of the Colbert Report era, it is not the end for Stephen Colbert. He will, of course, go on to fill David Letterman’s seat as The Late Show’s host. No doubt he will bring the same calibre of humor to that show. But for many people, the important fact is that his show is ending, which is why a little retrospective on his best moments is a good idea. Everyone has different opinions, which is why The Public Slate’s Colbert Countdown is a poll. Each segment, the countdown will feature two videos of Stephen Colbert and viewers will be given the chance to watch and vote on which one is their favorite. The definitive ranking will be revealed on December 18. The video that gets the most overall votes during this time period will be the number one Stephen Colbert moment.

The first installment of the Colbert Countdown has two moments that have defined Stephen Colbert’s career as a newsman. The first is an interview he gave on The O’Reilly Factor to Papa Bear himself. In this clip, he both mocks and idolizes the conservative pundit who seems blissfully unaware of what is really happening. It is Colbert at his finest and it is not even on his own stage.

The next contestant in the Colbert Countdown is an Iowa Super PAC ad from 2012 when the Republican field included Romney and the unintentionally hilarious Rick Perry. Colbert had specifically created his own Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, in order to lampoon the ridiculous amounts of money being poured into the race. He used the money that the Colbert Nation had donated to create this ad, which ran in Iowa.

These are the first two candidates in the Colbert Countdown and one of them will appear in the final edition of Stephen Colbert’s best moments.

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