Climate Change Caused by Man is not a Reality?

Climate Change Caused by Man is not a Reality?


Hey, all you climate change deniers, enjoy your winter which will begin in just a few days. That’s correct. Two weeks before you carve your turkeys, you will be seeking the warmth in the Western United States; whose warmth is also a result of climate change.

Super Typhoon Nuri is the cause of a storm which will hit the Aleutian Islands resulting in high tides and waves along Alaska’s coastline. The storm will continue to move east and drop down into the United States bringing a surge of winter weather to the Midwest and East Coast. Snow and temperatures below freezing are expected.

Just last week a team of United Nations scientists issued a report that was very alarming. Climate change is escalating, and the world is rapidly racing towards a time when it will be irreversible. Ignoring it has not made it simply go away. Man’s increased use of fossil fuels and coal have resulted in the warmest year on record. 2014’s average temperature worldwide will show a 2.4 degree rise, the highest in history.

Scientists report that severe weather will become the norm, and that the rising seas will make life uninhabitable on presently occupied coastlines. Food and water shortages will result in suffering, pain, and eventually violence.

In 1984 a book by Author and Scientist Carl Sagan warned of the changes all over the world from the effects of a Nuclear War. His lectures were so impressive that even President Ronald Reagan, and Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev were convinced that a nuclear war was unwinnable; that it would cause irreparable damage to the world’s eco-system; they agreed to meet and discuss a disarmament treaty. Nuclear war was averted.

95 percent of the world’s climatologists agree than an immediate agreement must be made, primarily by the largest emitters of greenhouse gasses, to reduce carbon pollution. If there is no commitment, forecasts by Dr. Sagan will become a reality; and they too would be caused by man.

Although the United States was slow in taking actions to eliminate these emissions compared to its European neighbors, steps began in 2013 to reduce greenhouse gasses. These attempts, which were encouraged by President Obama, may not become a reality. Fear exists that a Republican Congress will undo Mr. Obama’s efforts. The majority of Republicans deny that the dangers from carbon pollution are the result of mankind; they claim it is a natural occurrence. None of them are climatologists, by they are positive they are right and the scientists wrong.

Today, 11/10/2014 the high temperatures for the upper Midwest states is forecast to remain in the ‘teens. Freezing temperatures and snow will spread down to the Midwest and then move east towards the Atlantic Ocean. The west will remain dry and unseasonably warm, with several cities reporting record-high temperatures. More extremes.

In the United States it is most likely that restrictions on power plants and manufacturing plants will be reduced or eliminated. Automobile manufacturers will be less likely to hurry research and construction of vehicles that operate using other sources than fossil fuels.

By James Turnage


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