Bush Family Failures may Eliminate another Presidential Run

Bush Family Failures may Eliminate another Presidential Run


The Bush family has repeatedly claimed that Jeb Bush is considering a run for the White House in 2016; that is all the family with the exception of his mother. Past failures and illegal implications may eliminate another Bush presidential run.

Since 2008 not a single Republican has included in his or her campaign a reference to the Bush family. Neither George Herbert Walker Bush nor George W. Bush have records they can be proud of and encourage the endorsement requests of fellow Republicans. If Jeb Bush decides to seek the presidency, he will be forced to distance himself from his father and brother as have other conservatives.

Jeb Bush is the younger brother of George W. Bush. He was the Governor of the State of Florida between 1998 and 2007. He was popular with Florida’s voters and praised for his efforts regarding education, the environment, and for improving Florida’s economy.

There is truth that he is the most qualified of the Bush family. He would also be the most qualified and least extreme of all Republicans who will seek our nation’s highest office in 2016. Will his family’s poor past performances hinder his chances?

All over the world his brother and 43rd President of the United States is known as a war criminal; millions in our own nation consider him the same. Crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq continue to be his legacy to the world. His failed economic policies together with the cost of two illegal wars placed America in a deep recession. His administration was responsible for the collapse of the banking industry while failing to conduct oversight into their despicable and illegal practices. The result was massive job loss and large numbers of home foreclosures throughout the nation.

It is doubtful that the people of our nation will forget his blatant lies to both Congress and the American people regarding the existence of weapons of mass destruction existing in Iraq and hidden by Saddam Hussein.

Jeb Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush and the 41st President of the United States, was no saint either. During the Gulf War he ordered the destruction of Iraqi facilities necessary for civilians including water and electrical power. Attacks were levied on targets known to contain harmful material, exposing thousands of the innocent citizens of Iraq to illness and even death. He reneged on a promise to support a Shia revolution against the Sunni forces of Saddam Hussein. Bush I was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal as vice-president under Ronald Reagan. The Bush family has ties to the Saudi Arabians. The Saudis are believed to have funded the attacks on 9/11.

Jeb Bush will have considerable difficulty distancing himself from two former and disreputable Bush presidents.

Another obstacle will arise from his own party, or at least a spinoff of the GOP. TEA Party members will levy their own attacks on Jeb Bush and the family’s close ties with Wall Street. They will claim that he is not a true conservative. Criticism will immediately arise regarding his stance on immigration reform which aligns him with only a few Republicans, but many Democrats.

One fact may make his decision somewhat less difficult. It is widely believed that he would be an effective challenger to Hillary Clinton. Polls reveal that no other Republican would be as viable in opposition to Ms. Clinton.

By James Turnage




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