Abortion is Equality for Poor Women

Abortion is Equality for Poor Women


Citizens of our nation who call themselves ‘pro-life’ are misinformed about abortion. Their priests, pastors, and clerics have convinced them that seeking an abortion is a callous and often frivolous act. Before Roe v. Wade, performing abortions was a dangerous procedure which seldom involved medical personnel. When abortion was legalized it was granting equality to poor women; they could seek the same services as their wealthy sisters.

I have talked to many women about their choice to end a pregnancy. The one commonality is that the decision for each of them was not easy. The point is that as the law now stands, it was their choice, and theirs alone. It was not forced or forbidden by legal action.

Although discussion regarding abortion is a frequent subject, I have never heard the most important question asked of women who chose to terminate a pregnancy; how did she feel after the procedure was over.

Last Thursday a group of women conducted an online discussion regarding abortion. Participation was through social media, especially Skype and Twitter. The end result was that beliefs on the issue were virtually 50/50. Of the women who chose to end a pregnancy, only one in five regretted their decision. Most had made the decision within a couple of weeks after discovering that they were pregnant. All of them discussed the difficulty of making that decision.

States such as Texas have passed laws making it nearly impossible for poor women to legally seek an abortion. Planned Parenthood sites have been closed because of the new laws. The passing of this legislation targets poor and lower middle income women. The wealthy will continue to live privileged lives in another area.

Sadly, this racist and bigoted act will not cease abortions, it will simply create an unsafe situation where women will ‘self-abort,’ as they did before Roe v. Wade.

Arguments for and against abortion are at the opposite end of human reasoning. One side is purely based on religious beliefs, while the other side is based on science and civil rights.

The pro-lifers call abortion murder. Focusing on a law designed to protect a woman’s unborn child by a would-be attacker, they claim that choosing to terminate a pregnancy violates that law.

Pro-choice advocates present the decision of Roe v. Wade which upheld a woman’s ‘right to privacy,’ and the ‘fundamental right’ for women to make decisions about their own bodies.

Pro-life standard bearers claim that this killing of a fetus is against God’s law and is immoral.

Pro-Choice denies that a fetus is a ‘person’ because it is unable to survive outside of the womb; which is the definition. A fetus is not counted by the United States Census Bureau.

Pro-lifers claim that abortion causes psychological problems and physical problems in the future.

Pro-Choice points to scientific research which proves that there is no physical or psychological damage resulting from modern abortion.

There exist several more debate points, but the reality is that both sides are entrenched in a debate which is never-ending.

This is the United States of America. We were founded on religious freedom whether we be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or any other religion. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, not the Bible. In the Constitution we are given ‘inalienable’ rights. For me, the solution to the debate about abortion is simple; I am male, and it’s not my right to make the choice either way for any woman.

The key word is ‘freedom.’

By James Turnage



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