2014 Midterms: What to Expect After the Votes are Counted

2014 Midterms: What to Expect After the Votes are Counted


With the races decided, and the GOP in control of both houses of Congress, the predictions were proven to be accurate. History shows that the President in power will lose seats in both houses. The question from the American public, which turned out in low numbers, is what to expect from the eventual results. The answer for the working class is ‘nothing.’

There will be no positive change for the working men and women of our nation. Gridlock will continue. The one-percent will continue to own government. The gains made by President Obama’s policies will be ignored, and over time some will be reversed by Congress.

The sad result for Americans is that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will continue to control the House and Senate. Their promises to do nothing were a success, and will continue to dictate our nation’s future. Voters made some serious mistakes, and it will cost them.

State records reveal that Republicans voted in larger numbers than Democrats; fewer women voted this year, as well as fewer minorities. The election also proved that Republicans don’t care if their candidates are qualified or even moral, as long as there’s an ‘R’ by their name they receive their vote.

Although Democrats now have only 45 Senate seats, and the Republicans 52, there is some good news for the President. Although gridlock was the fault of Republicans, they blamed Mr. Obama and the Democrats for everything. Who are they going to blame now?

Actually there’s an easy answer to that; each other. Immediately after the election results were posted, infighting among Republicans began. Although I am no fan of Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator from Texas, I agreed with his assessment of Mitch McConnell.

McConnell was reelected in Kentucky last night. It is assumed that he will be the Senate Majority Leader, replacing Harry Reid. Cruz said he would not support McConnell in that roll. He said he was not a good leader, and would not be a good choice for Majority Leader.

Sadly, Cruz is entirely accurate. McConnell, along with Speaker John Boehner, were the principal reasons why nothing was accomplished in six years. They are ineffective ‘leaders,’ and should be removed from power. McConnell actually promised Republican supporters that they would do nothing in 2012 with the exception of denying Mr. Obama reelection; mission partially accomplished.

What will the next two years bring? Will the important issues such as immigration reform, women’s rights, or reform of the tax code be addressed? Very unlikely.

The only item Republicans have been willing to consider regarding immigration is more border security. They have refused to deliberate the fact that there are over 11 million men women and children in our country in limbo.

Women’s rights will not be a subject of discussion. The last issue which went to vote was equal pay, and Republicans voted unanimously to deny equality for women.

Tax reform will be discussed, but Republicans will be advocates for continued tax breaks for the wealthy, subsidies for farmers, and reduced taxes for oil companies.

We won’t even discuss increasing the minimum wage; that would mean the corporations who own the GOP would have to pay a few dollars more in wages.

We can expect absolutely nothing for two years. The presidential campaigns will begin today. If nothing is accomplished, look for a big Democratic victory in 2016.

There was one issue which was questionable. Exit poll results revealed that the main issue for voters was the economy; that it was going in the wrong direction. When the President took office, he inherited the worst recession in our nation’s history; only the depression of 1929 was more disastrous. A Republican president was the cause for our nation’s financial ruin. In only six years a Democratic president has not only led the country to recovery, the stock market is at record highs, and unemployment is lowering to 2007 levels. What are they thinking; or are they less informed than politicians believed?

By James Turnage


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