Texas Leads the Nation in the War on Women

Texas Leads the Nation in the War on Women


From denying equal pay for equal work, to restricting a woman’s control over her own body, Republicans have displayed their misogynistic attitude towards women. Setting the example, Texas leads the nation in the war on women.

Thursday the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans upheld a Texas law which will result in the closing of 13 on the state’s 20 abortion clinics. The constitutionality of House Bill 2 (HB2) has yet to be determined. In August U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that all clinics could stay open until the law was ruled upon; Thursday the appeals court reversed that decision.

The law requires that the clinics adhere to the same operating standards required of hospitals.

Conservatives continue to disregard the rights of women. If the situation were reversed, and men were paid less than women; if men were the bearers of children, the Republican Party would long ago have introduced legislation to remedy the pay inequality, and legalize abortion.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus was on Meet the Press Sunday. Moderator Chuck Todd asked Priebus about the Texas law and Conservatives’ approach to women’s rights in general.

Todd asked him why Republicans want to regulate the business of abortion clinics when their platform stands for less regulation on all business. Priebus responded in true political fashion; he did not answer the question. He said that Todd should ask a Texan. Priebus continued by saying that any woman experiencing an un-wanted pregnancy should be treated with “compassion, respect, counseling, whatever it is that we can offer.” As long is that doesn’t include an abortion.

Todd then asked Priebus if it was the right thing to do, that because of closed clinics some women may have to drive 200 or even 300 miles; he asked him if this was a display of ‘compassion?’

Priebus recanted his previous statement and said ‘it’s about the taxpayer’s money.’ He admitted that was the only important issue for Republicans.

Women’s rights groups are protesting throughout the ‘Lone Star State.’ Representatives of feminist agencies direct their statements towards the reality that women’s constitutional rights are being violated. They also point out the fact that most of these type of situations result in inaction until the constitutionality of the issue is resolved.

It was no surprise that pro-life advocates in the state blatantly lied to substantiate their case. Their claim is that the clinics are ‘unsafe’ and should not be allowed to practice abortions.

The clinic operators say that they will continue to find ways to assist the many women who need care. Although the many scheduled procedures which were planned for this week will have to be postponed, the Whole Women’s Health organization said they would be rescheduled at another facility.

After the 2012 elections Republicans recognized that losing the votes of women and Hispanics were one of the principal reasons they lost the election. (Their choice of candidates might have been another). Two years later they have apparently forgotten.

Hispanics are urged to vote throughout their own community, and women have become increasingly ‘politically minded.’ More women have chosen independent lives, marrying later in life, or not at all. More women are attending universities than men for the first time in our nation’s history. And more women vote.

For decades women have been expected to be subservient to men. If a woman runs for president in 2016 she will have enormous support. The women of Texas, the state which leads the war on women, will be rushing to the voting booths.

‘Good old boys’ and old white men beware; the ladies are coming, and they mean to take control of our country.

James Turnage





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