Supreme Court is a Tool for the Republican Party

Supreme Court is a Tool for the Republican Party


The last vestige of hope for the American people should be the Supreme Court of the United States. Unfortunately the John Roberts led Court is but a memory of its original purpose. The Supreme Court has become a tool for the Republican Party.

At its inception the Court was intended to be non-partisan. So much for good intentions. Saturday it upheld a Texas law requiring voters to present one of seven forms of identification when arriving at their poll. Supporters of the bill claim the measure was enacted to stop voter fraud. In a worst case scenario, according to the statistics of every voter’s group, cases of actual voter fraud are less than .02 percent.

Why was it important for Texas to pass such an unnecessary piece of legislation? The answer is simple if the facts are scrutinized and the hype and falsehoods are ignored. It is a form of pure discrimination. It is directed at black and Hispanic voters who are more likely to cast their votes for Democrats.

Earlier this month the Fifth District Court struck down the law citing that 608,470 eligible voters would feel its effects. The Supreme Court denied to uphold the decision of the District Court, and support the Texas law.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a six-page dissent angrily criticizing her fellow justices. She labeled the Court’s decision ‘discriminatory,’ stating that it was aimed directly at blacks and Hispanics.

Supporters claim that the threat of voter fraud is growing; and that’s preposterous. Justin Levitt has been tracking both cases and claims of voter fraud for years. In all that time he found 31 cases representing less than 200 people. That relates to a percentage of .00002 percent.

After the 2012 election, Republican leadership confirmed that they must attract more black, Hispanic, and women voters. They have not only failed to make significant efforts to accomplish those goals, they have taken steps to drive them further away.

Republicans have failed to take any action on immigration. They continue to offer the same old idea, ‘build taller and longer fences.’ The vast majority of Republicans denounce the idea of creating a path to citizenship for the 12 million who now reside in our country.

African-American voters are stymied. Republicans continue to take action to remove programs helping the poorest in our nation, especially in our inner cities. They block necessary bills which would extend unemployment benefits and raise the minimum wage.

It is unfathomable to believe that a single intelligent woman would vote for a Republican candidate. Republicans fight to remove a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body and health. Every Republican in Congress voted against the passage of a bill which would have made it unlawful for businesses to proffer a lesser wage to women for the same job performed by men.

There are no dissenters to the fact that our government is broken. The total efforts of consecutive Congress’ will have accomplished less than any previous single Congress in our nation’s history. Now we have lost the remainder or our hope and faith. Our nation’s highest court has become a tool for the Republican Party. It has become politicized. How can we expect it to do its singular job in the future? The Supreme Court continuously changes the meaning of our Constitution to adhere to the wishes of the one-percent who own the Republican Party.

By James Turnage



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