Senator Michelle Obama

Senator Michelle Obama


President Barrack Obama may not be the most popular lame duck president in history, but his wife is respected and well-liked all over the world. The Obamas have considered making California their home when the leave the White House. Democrats in the Golden State are already urging the First Lady to consider a new title in 2018; Senator Michelle Obama.

Senator Diane Feinstein is 81 years old. She has hinted that she is considering retirement in 2018. With her seat vacated, many Democrats believe Mrs. Obama would be an excellent replacement.

Before President Obama ran for federal office, Michelle Obama was a successful attorney. She is a Harvard educated lawyer who has strong opinions on the issues. On occasion she has been chastised by President Obama’s staff for straying from the party line.

Will she follow another First Lady who became a Senator from New York? Probably not. Senator Feinstein had not heard about the idea until she was asked by CNN what she would think about the possibility. She said she was flattered. There has been no word from Mrs. Obama or any other member of the White House that she has considered public office. But it is intriguing.

Tweets from right wingers came immediately following Sunday’s broadcast. Most of them spewed hatred and personal attacks on the First Lady; but that was predictable.

Mrs. Obama was born on January 17, 1964 in Chicago. She is a Princeton graduate, and attended Harvard Law School. After graduation from Harvard in 1988 the then Michelle ‘Robinson’ joined the firm of Sidley Austin in Chicago where her principle duties were involved with marketing and intellectual property. In 1991 she became an assistant to Chicago’s mayor. Her last position was vice-President for Community and External Affairs run by the University of Chicago Hospitals. She left employment to care for her daughters and aid in her husband’s campaign for the United States Senate.

Before marriage and children her private life was involved with human rights issues, women’s issues, and campaigning to place more minorities in both private and government positions.

Is she qualified? Without a doubt. But for progressives it’s probably just wishful thinking. Most likely her ambitions are to be out of the public eye. Of course, she is only 50 years of age. She has a little time to decide what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Let’s see how this works; first Senator, then Secretary of State, then President; that’s the way it goes. Maybe.

By James Turnage


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