Sean Penn: a Deeper Insight

Sean Penn: a Deeper Insight



Movie stars, professional athletes and members of Congress live privileged lives. They have fame, fortune and freedoms not available to the average man or woman. What they do, what they accomplish with these privileges reveals the real person; their morals, priorities, and character. Sean Penn has removed himself from the spotlight whenever possible to do the right thing. Let’s explore a deeper insight into the mega-star.

On January 12, 2010 a magnitude seven earthquake struck Haiti about 15 miles from the capital of Port Au Prince. The devastating phenomena occurred in the country’s most inhabited area affecting three million people and killing an estimated 92,000. Vanity Fair reported in June of that year that Sean Penn was quietly running one of the largest refugee and relocation camps in the country.

He arrived a week after the earthquake shook the ground killing tens of thousands and destroying the vast majority of homes and businesses; there are no building codes in one of the poorest countries in the world. He came out of his very small tent every morning in a t-shirt, and camouflage pants with a glock pistol tucked in the waistband ready to go to work.

Now nearly five years later Mr. Penn talks about the progress achieved in Haiti.

He is the director of the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. 90 percent of the residents in the area are living in permanent and safer homes. All the rubble has been cleared away from Port Au Prince. Medical care has been pouring into the area. Construction continues for the approximately 140,000 displaced persons still needing permanent homes. New building codes have been instituted.

A big concern during this upcoming hurricane season is cholera. Mr. Penn is working with health organizations to provide vaccinations, health education, obtaining supplies to combat the disease, and creating more sanitary living conditions.

He says that the overall image of Haiti created by the media is far from accurate. In addition to rebuilding the country, it has one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean.

Today Mr. Penn’s personal life is moving towards a new level. Reports of an upcoming marriage and the adoption of another child are in the near future. The 53-year-old two-time Oscar winner will wed 38-year-old Oscar winner Charlize Theron ‘as soon as possible.’sean

They will get married in South America while filming ‘The Last Face.’ Penn will be directing the film and Theron will be the picture’s star. Ms. Theron has an adopted son who is two years old; they plan to adopt another child while in South Africa. Mr. Penn has two grown sons in their twenties.

This will be the third marriage for Mr. Penn. He was previously wed to Madonna and Robin Wright Penn. This will be the first for Ms. Theron.

Sean Penn is an accomplished man; he’s an actor, director and activist. He will now be able to add his success as a planner and organizer for the restoration of a country virtually destroyed by a natural disaster. And he accomplished it all without seeking notoriety.

He will always be famous as one of the world’s finest actors and directors, and soon he will achieve something more important; he will be married to a lovely woman and have his fourth child.

By James Turnage



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