Republicans: What do they Believe in?

Republicans: What do they Believe in?


The Republican Party has demonstrated what they’re against; everything, especially if President Obama’s name is attached to it. What do they believe in; what issues do they support; and who’s funding their campaigns?

Speaker of the House John Boehner says the 2014 midterms are about job creation. Without satire, here is what he says will create more jobs.

He wants to extend the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ for the wealthiest one percent. Did this create jobs in the past? According to former Bush advisor Matthew J. Slaughter who is now on the economics board at Dartmouth College, ‘not many.’ He also points to the failure of the House to act on a comprehensive immigration reform bill which would increase the nation’s coffers.

Are jobs being created at the present? According to all statistics the recession is behind us and new jobs are appearing monthly.

What else do Republicans believe in?

Most of their ideas are not new; they’re simply rehashing the old, presenting them as revolutionary, when in reality they are reactionary.

Their slogan is ‘We Believe in America.’ Very original. The first thing on their agenda is maximum economic freedom. Under job creation they plan to ‘pursue free market policies.’ It’s called capitalism, and all economic gurus admit that it has failed the working class. They also want to ‘promote US products abroad. They’re already there; they make them abroad. Regarding taxes; summing all their plans into one sentence; they want to eliminate any taxes which affect the extremely wealthy. Housing: a ‘free enterprise system.’ Isn’t that what caused the recession in 2008 by eliminating regulation on the banks and allowing them to make immoral decisions which placed them into ‘rescue mode?’ They would not improve the nation’s decaying infrastructure; they would improve inland waterways and improve East Coast and Gulf shipping ports. But they don’t say how. Republicans want to continue the ‘Free Trade Agreements.’ In other words, encourage outsourcing of jobs. Concerning labor, they would enact a ‘national right to work law.’ Simply put, it would eliminate unions by removing provisions which require ‘closed shops.’ Legally, Republicans would restore the ‘Defense of Marriage act and end the rights of millions of LGBT citizens. They would ensure that the Electoral College remains in power to elect the president, even if the popular vote was lost. They don’t want your vote to count. McCain Feingold, which was in direct opposition to Citizens United would be permanently repealed allowing Corporations to buy elections for all-time. Not surprising, they want to eliminate any form of gun control. Claiming the EPA has ‘waged a war on coal,’ they want to eliminate the agency. The environment be damned, big business needs to make money; eliminate restrictions on air and water pollution. Change Medicare to a ‘contributory’ plan and raise the age for eligibility. End Medicaid completely. End Social Security and force younger employees to plan for their own retirement. Downsize the Postal System until it fails to exist. Deny amnesty in any form to illegal immigrants. Oppose any form of assisted suicide. Repeal Obamacare; health care should be an individual responsibility; (unless you are in Congress). Increase academic requirements for schools, but disallow low interest student loans for higher education. Adopt a more aggressive policy; war before negotiation. Separate boys and girls in our schools. Support our troops; (until they come home and then who cares)? And of course the shining star; absolutely no abortions for women under any circumstances. They will tell them what to do with their bodies.

The question is always the same; why would any member of the working class, any free-thinking woman, any minority, and any individual who believes in the Constitution and what it stands for vote Republican? WOW!

By James Turnage



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