Republicans Want to Keep America at War: Why?

Republicans Want to Keep America at War: Why?


Republicans Want to Keep America at War: Why?

When is an individual too old to hold public office? The answer is obvious; when he or she has lost basic reasoning and common sense. Statements by Republican Arizona Senator John McCain prove once again that Republicans want to keep America at war; and we don’t understand why.

If McCain and ‘Caribou Barbie’ had won the 2012 election we would have thousands of America’s finest young men and women fighting a losing war in both Syria and Iraq. When will Republican Senators and Congressmen look at the facts; this is not our war, and any war we decide to fight, we lose.

McCain says that we cannot win the war against ISIS with our present strategy. That’s not our problem. Residents in the area with interests to be protected have the responsibility to defeat the extremist group. If Republicans strongly believe that the United States should put ‘boots on the ground,’ they and their children should volunteer to be the first.

Is it wrong for our President to resist engaging our country in another unwinnable war? Only Jimmy Carter had the courage to do so in modern times.

McCain is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. War is his first love, his country second. Why has he changed? In 1983 he was against Ronald Reagan sending American forces into Lebanon as part of an international peacekeeping force. His most important reasoning and a prediction foretold the future difficulties of America’s conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that the longer we stayed in Lebanon, the more difficult it would be to get out.

His attitude has greatly changed. He believes we should have given weapons and military advice to the rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria. Before Bush lied and convinced the American people to invade Iraq, McCain assisted him in building a case for the illegal attack. He supported the ‘surge’ in 2007, ignoring the fact that Iraq was a lost cause. McCain continues to believe that America must be the policemen of the world, and occupy foreign countries for as long as it takes to achieve its goals. He has made several attempts to influence Congress to agree to wage war against Iran, although now he claims that ISIS is a threat to the country. Although it is illegal, McCain has proposed bombing the infrastructure of our enemies. Initially he was opposed to torture as a means of obtaining information from our enemies, and reneged by stating that the CIA should not be held to those standards. His positions have been criticized as being political and ambitious.

On Tuesday’s ‘Morning Joe’ Mcain advocated the United States sending weapons to Ukraine, and threatening Vladimir Putin with military action if he does not remove Russian soldiers from its borders. PolitucusUsa labeled his comments as the ‘same old same old.’ He is an obvious ‘hawk’ and war monger.

Republicans want to keep America at war; it’s good business, and is good for election and reelection. Wanting to keep America at peace and refusing to put our finest young men and women in harm’s way is not popular with conservatives. As the right continues to complain about government spending, they are always willing to fund a good war.

By James Turnage



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