Rand Paul vs GOP

Rand Paul vs GOP


The Junior Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, is out on the campaign trail. His official purpose is to stump for 2014 candidates. In a speech while in Michigan, it appeared more to be Rand Paul, TEA Party standard bearer, vs. the GOP. He has obviously begun his 2016 campaign for the Presidency.

His speech centered around minorities, primarily African-Americans. He was accurate when he said that the Republican Party has been ignoring Black and African-American voters for 80 years. Senator Paul went so far as to say that the GOP ‘sucks.’

Is Mr. Paul simply pandering, or is there substance to his words? When he speaks in front of a woman’s group, will he say similar things? And, what about Hispanics? What will he say about immigration?

Let’s make an attempt to understand what Mr. Paul truly believes.

In April, 2010, in an interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal, he claimed that he supports the Civil Rights Act. However, he believes in the right of private business to make choices about how it functions.

When the interviewer asked him if Dr. Martin Luther King entered a restaurant to have a meal, should that restaurant owner have the right to refuse service? Mr. Paul was slightly vague; but here is a summation of his remarks. He stated he would not be a customer at such a restaurant and that the action was condemnable. However, the restaurant owner had exercised his right under the First Amendment. He said that America must allow all personal views to be heard and acted upon whether others approve of them or not.

How does he feel about insuring the equality of women?

Rand Paul was one of 22 male Senators who voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act in 2013. He believes such programs should be funded at a state level. Twice he voted against measures which would have guaranteed equal pay for equal work, both in 2012 and again in 2014. Women could no longer have received a lower wage than their male counterparts.

When Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was accused of sexual harassment, Mr. Paul came to his defense saying that the accusation was unfounded and unfair. The claim of sexual harassment was upheld and forced Cain out of the race.

GQ wrote about an incident when Paul was in college. He and a friend kidnapped a female member of Paul’s swim team. They blindfolded her, tied her up, and took her to their apartment where the attempted to force her to ‘take hits off of a bong.’ They said it was only a joke.

And how does he relate to Hispanics?

Speaking in front of a Hispanic crowd, Mr. Paul claimed he was for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and that he believed in a ‘path to citizenship’ for those who chose that course of action. Some in the crowd questioned if he would say the same thing speaking to a TEA Party crowd.

Mr. Paul loses Hispanics because of one primary issue. In a poll taken of Hispanics asking the question if the favored a larger or smaller government. The vast majority said larger. When they were asked if they would be willing to pay higher taxes for bigger government, their’s was a resounding yes. The TEA Party’s prime reason for existence is lower taxes and less government.

A Representative for the RNC, Sean Spicer, said that Rand and other Republicans are reaching out to minority communities. He disagrees with the Senator’s statement indicating that the GOP is failing with its attempts to attract African-Americans and Hispanics. He claimed that they were making good progress.

By James Turnage


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