Patients Released After Ottawa Shooting, Gunman Identified

Patients Released After Ottawa Shooting, Gunman Identified


The latest reports from Ottawa, Canada, say that three patients injured after a gunman attacked the Parliament have been released from hospital and that the gunman has been identified by officials. The shooter is reportedly Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32-year-old Canadian. No other details about his background or motivations have been released.

The shooting’s started earlier today at the War Memorial and Parliament House in Ottawa. One of the soldiers standing guard at the war memorial, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, died after being shot. After actions by the police, the gunman was also shot and killed. Canadian MPs were put in lockdown and the area secured, but as the situation calmed and came under control of police the security measures were gradually eased. Some areas, however, still remain in lockdown due to concerns of a second shooter.

Suspected shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was apparently under watch from the government due to suspected radicalization. He apparently converted to Islam and changed his name from Michael Joseph Hall. He was identified as a “high risk traveller” by the Canadian government.

World leaders, including President Obama, have expressed their condolences to the nation of Canada. Obama spoke to reporters Wednesday afternoon in which he called the situation tragic, but also that it emphasized the necessity of staying vigilant in a world where terrorism is always possible. He also expressed America’s solidarity with Canada and that it will do all it can to help.

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