Obama Can’t Do Anything Right

Obama Can’t Do Anything Right


Obama Can’t Do Anything Right

Because the 2014 midterm election is apt to produce some surprises, Republicans are becoming desperate. Residing presidents and their party generally do badly in midterm elections. They are now attempting to use Ebola as a weapon against the President and Democratic candidates. It appears that Obama can’t do anything right.

Their overused claim is that all flights from West Africa should be diverted from our country. Representatives of the Administration and health officials have factually explained that a screening process is more efficient. Those wishing to travel to another location and then come to the United States could be carrying the disease and yet circumvent the screening process. But Republicans can’t handle the truth.

And it’s not only Republicans; afraid of losing an election and their ‘cushy’ jobs, some Democrats are lining up with them.

Today Mr. Obama selected an ‘Ebola Czar,’ and of course that did not appease desperate right wingers.  The only thing Republicans are proving is that they can still use fear as a weapon and a tool to seek votes. But that’s not the worst part; it was once said that ‘if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’ Instead of continual criticism of the President, why don’t Republicans step up and offer a positive idea; just one?

The reality is almost laughable. Their criticism is most often proven to be wrong. They were wrong about Obamacare; every part of it; they were wrong about arming the Syrian rebels; and now they’re wrong about controlling the Ebola virus. They’ll always be wrong unless a single Republican who truly cares about our country submits a plausible and reasonable solution. The ‘do absolutely nothing’ Congress, led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, is a failure and an embarrassment. When decisions were needed to be discussed and made about ISIS, Congress took a month-long vacation; this is after working only seven days during the previous month of September. Americans work, but ‘America’ does not thanks to our broken government in Washington.

Cory Gardner of Colorado is a House Republican. He may have made the most ridiculous comparison to Ebola anyone could imagine. He equated it to chicken pox. He said that the administration’s concept of controlling Ebola is similar to telling children with chicken pox to remain in school so they were unable to infect other children. Does the majority of Republicans in Congress have the IQ of a chicken? It appears to be a fact.

To be fair, the criticism of the right wing fear mongers is not entirely without merit. The CDC has lied or shielded us from the truth since the first patient arrived on American soil. Mr. Duncan was denied immediate treatment although he informed the Dallas hospital that he had been in West Africa and had developed symptoms of Ebola. After Mr. Duncan’s death, we learned that a second infected nurse had traveled by a commercial airline flight after she had informed the CDC that she had a low grade fever and had been one of the nurses who cared for Mr. Duncan.

Is this the fault of the President? The answer is a resounding NO! However, Republicans continue to attempt to make this a campaign issue. Obama simply can’t do anything right.

The truth is that Republicans do nothing. Critics have an easy profession. They can tell you how good or bad something might be, but they cannot tell you how it might become better. Republicans are no more than bad critics.

By James Turnage


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