Nevada Midterms Could Dictate its Political Future

Nevada Midterms Could Dictate its Political Future


Elections in years without a presidential contest are not very glamorous. In my state of Nevada, the Midterms could dictate its political future.

Governor Brian Sandoval is very popular. Nevada’s Republican Governor is likely to win reelection in November 2014. Two other state races are much more significant, and the contest for Lieutenant Governor will have implications regarding Sandoval’s future.


In the contest for Attorney General the mudslinging never ends. Current Secretary of State, Democrat Ross Miller is opposed by Republican Adam Laxalt.

Miller is in his second term. He has received praise from law enforcement throughout the state. He was born in Las Vegas, and is the son of former Governor Bob Miller.

Laxalt returned to Nevada in 2011. He had served as judge advocate general in the Navy for five years. He has never tried a civil case in our state. His claim to fame is father Paul Laxalt who was Nevada’s 22nd Governor. He then went on to represent the state in the United States Senate, serving two terms.

Attacks on Miller are primarily based on his support of ‘Obamacare,’ claiming it has cost Nevadans money; mostly false.

Democrats claim that the law firm Laxalt has been working for is disappointed with his work.

And the beat goes on.

This race is believed to be a stepping stone for Miller. It is widely assumed that he will run for Governor in 2018.


Now for the more interesting contest.

The office of Lieutenant Governor is lackluster at best. And only seven of 34 Lieutenant Governors have moved on to become Governor.

Lucy Flores is the Democratic candidate. She is presently serving her second term in the Nevada State Assembly; she was unopposed in 2012. She was born in Los Angeles, but the family moved to Las Vegas soon after her birth. She is extremely popular in Southern Nevada which has a large Hispanic population. The Republican candidate, Mark Hutchison was elected to the Nevada Senate in 2012. He founded the law firm of Hutchison & Steffen in 1996. His practice was primarily involved with business and complex tort litigation, constitutional litigation, and professional liability defense.

This race may contain more importance for Brian Sandoval than either Flores or Hutchison.

Republican insiders have let it leak that if Hutchison wins the election, Sandoval will enter the Senatorial race against Democrat Harry Reid in 2016. With Hutchison already declared to run for Governor in the future, Sandoval would be content leaving the state’s highest office in Republican hands.

Hutchison survived his first challenge when he defeated fellow Republican Sue Lowden in the primary election.

There are no poll results as of yet. And Nevada is a very interesting state. Our Governor is likely to be a Republican, but registered voter statistics prove that Nevada could be a ‘blue’ state.

As of September 2014, the state has 1,468,480 voters. Of that number 596,747 are registered as Democrats; 488,245 are Republicans. There are 287,548 Independents. There are other parties such as the Libertarians which compose a small number of those actually registered.

Independent voters choose Nevada’s candidates; and that’s the way it should be. Independents tend to be more informed and less emotional when they go to the polls.


November 4th, 2014 will be an interesting day. This is a midterm which has importance for many states and the nation itself. Although a low voter turnout is expected, that may change. Our country’s dissatisfaction with Congress is growing. Chants such as ‘throw the bums out’ are loudly echoing throughout the nation.

James Turnage