Moving our Nation Into the Past

Moving our Nation Into the Past


Moving our Nation Into the Past

Conservatives have a plan. It’s not a good plan, but it’s the first one we’ve seen in several years. Because they hate everything that is progressive, they decided that it’s time to move our nation into the past.

Where exactly in our past do they believe the United States was at its best? The 1950’s, of course. The ‘good old days’ when ‘Ike’ was President; Communism was our enemy; black people knew their place; the family was the center of the universe; there were no restrictions on the purchase of guns; fathers were the ‘bread winners,’ and women dressed appropriately while they stayed home and raised at least two children; abortion was illegal; women were obedient and voted the way their husbands told them to; girls went to college for only a single reason, to find a husband; pregnant single girls and women were called whores; and alcohol was the drug of choice.

That may sound good to the old white men of the Republican Party, but I don’t believe women and minorities would agree with them.

Here we are 60 years later and women, African-Americans and Hispanics are fighting for their rights again. Extremists in the Republican Party are changing voting laws which restrict or prohibit minorities from casting their ballots. They want to deny women equal pay in the work force, and keep the federal minimum wage at an unlivable level. Unions force their rich supporters to pay higher wages so they had to go. Labor laws which disallowed age discrimination were a nuisance. Women must fight even harder to retain control over their own bodies. And, although tens of thousands of innocent people are murdered by guns yearly in the United States, they want to remove all background checks for would-be purchasers; everyone should own several guns. They want to privatize social security because it’s going broke. (Republicans don’t want us to think about the reason it’s going broke; because they stole money from it to fund other ‘pet’ projects).

So, how are the 50’s looking? Not a very good time for most Americans, was it? We might as well resuscitate Joe McCarthy and add the Ku Klux Klan to the ranks of conservatives along with the TEA Party.

Most of this would not be happening if we truly believed in the Preamble, and added two words. It should have read; “that all men and women are created equal.”

Because abortion was not a political issue in the 50’s, women actually held a higher standing in society. They were to be subservient to their husbands, and therefore were considered ‘second class citizens.’ Today, thanks to the war on women, they are third in line; first are white men, then a fetus, and lastly women.

There is some good news; old white men are getting older, and we won’t have to deal with their idiocy for much longer.

A single question must be asked; as attempts are being made to move our nation into the past, how can any woman accept it and vote Republican? Does any intelligent woman actually want to live in the manner her mother or grandmother was forced to accept? I guess it truly does ‘take all kinds.’

Commentary By James Turnage