Kelly Samson Victim of Murder-Suicide Hours After Wedding

Kelly Samson Victim of Murder-Suicide Hours After Wedding


Terre Haute Indiana was shocked by the death of a couple before dawn on Sunday morning. Police determined that Kelly Ecker Samson was the victim of a murder-suicide just hours after her wedding.

The investigation revealed an argument between the bride and husband Dr. George ‘Scott’ Samson occurred at their wedding reception. Hours later the doctor used a .40 caliber hand gun to shoot his bride in the head and torso, killing her.

Adding to the tragedy was a 911 call which included an incorrect address. About 1:20 a.m. Kelly called the dispatcher and stated that her husband was threatening to kill her. She gave the address as 4205 N. Creal St. The correct address was 4025 Creal St. The app on her phone which would have allowed the dispatcher to trace the call was not activated.

She made three more calls. On the final call the dispatcher reported hearing screams and gunshots. During her frantic calls Kelly told the dispatcher that her husband had battered her and that he had several guns in the house.

Police arrived at the unmarked house about 15 minutes after the original call. Samson’s father and mother, and Kelly’s son were all in the house. His father said that Samson had gathered ammunition and was in the basement of the residence. Kelly’s deceased body was in her bedroom.

After evacuating the house, police used a remote camera to peer into the basement. Samson’s body was motionless. He had shot himself in the head and was deceased.

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