Joni Ernst Pandering at its Lowest Level

Joni Ernst Pandering at its Lowest Level


Joni Ernst Pandering at its Lowest Level

It has often been said that politicians will say anything to get elected. Joni Ernst has taken pandering to its lowest level.

Using one of the most volatile issues in America, abortion, she is attempting to play upon the emotions and fears of the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party. She is proving that even some women conservatives consider women to be third class citizens who are unable to think intelligently.

Ernst is running for the Senate seat in Iowa. In 2013 she voted for an amendment in the state legislature giving the status of ‘personhood’ to a fetus from the moment of fertilization. This would eliminate abortion entirely. She said that if she is elected to the United States Senate she would support the same action on the federal level.

Ernst is at the top of the list of extremists, intending to roll back the benefits for average Americans that have been fought for through decades. She is anti-education saying she would vote for abolishing the Department of Education. Ernst proposes privatizing social security which would place millions of Americans in jeopardy of receiving income from an investment they have paid into all their working lives. Of course, as it is with other extremists, she would vote to repeal Obamacare. When questioned whether she would roll back benefits Iowan’s have received under Medicare expansion, she refused to answer. Ernst did say that she believes Medicaid recipients should be responsible for their own health.

Of course if she is elected she will accept the $174,000 a year salary, and the medical and health care benefits she will receive for life.

She joins what is becoming mainstream Republican philosophy which would create a society reminiscent of the 1950’s when women stayed at home; were subservient to their husbands; spoke only when asked to; and never made decisions about finances, who to vote for, or what to do with her own body.

In a statement similar to Romney’s ’47 percent’ debacle, Ernst said that more than half of Americans believe that the government should take care of them.

In a secretly recorded statement Ernst expressed that she is concerned about getting people who now have benefits from Obamacare off of the program if it can be repealed. She believes that health care should be a privilege, not a right. She ignores the facts that it has been successful and the projections by conservatives that overall costs would rise; premiums would go up; insurance companies would leave the exchanges; and those without insurance would not sign up for the program; have all proven to be untrue.

The question must be asked of Ernst and any other woman who calls herself a Republican: How can any woman support programs, or the destruction of programs, which would cause a hardship for families and remove the rights women have struggled to obtain for generations? How can women in government not vote for equal pay in the workplace? Why would any woman holding office at any level of government vote in a manner that expresses the belief that women are not able to make intelligent decisions about their own lives and bodies?

Ernst is a perfect example of what is wrong with our federal government. The sad part is that she could actually win on November 4th. Ernst is also a perfect example of someone who will do anything to obtain a political office including pandering at its lowest level.

By James Turnage




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