ISIS Fear Mongering Aimed at Democratic Candidates

ISIS Fear Mongering Aimed at Democratic Candidates



September 11, 2001 is a date memorable for the cowardly and horrific attack on United States soil. It is also the date that Republicans recognized fear was the optimum tactic to help them get elected or reelected. They’re doing it again in 2014. Unrealistic ISIS fear mongering is being aimed at Democratic candidates.

President Obama’s plan for a coalition effort against the terrorist organization includes Arab nations. And it’s working. What is the Republican solution? If John McCain and Lindsey Graham had their way, we’d be waging another ground war in an Islamic state.

At least one Republican Senatorial candidate, Allen Weh, is using a film showing ISIS about to behead a victim. And the polls which have encouraged these Republican scare tactics are incorrect. They show terrorism as the number one concern of the American public. It’s not even close. A recent Gallup poll reveals that ‘hacking’ financial records is the number one and the number two fear; especially by Republican voters. In other words, money is the number one concern.

Peter King was on Meet the Press in August. The Republican from the House of Representatives claimed that ISIS is a direct threat to the United States, but he wouldn’t say how. Will they launch their ICBM’s with nuclear warheads attached? Will they fly over here in their trans-Atlantic bombers and destroy our cities? Maybe they plan to use canoes and bows and arrows.

Preventing terror attacks on United States soil is the responsibility of our government and military. Fighting wars on foreign soil is a losing proposition, especially in Islamic countries.

Sadly, fear as a tactic often works. The United States has the least informed voters in the world. Television ads can claim anything is true; but the truth is that they seldom are truthful.

If the truth be told, Americans are more fearful of becoming involved in another war than of groups such as ISIS. Putting our fine young men in women in harm’s way is not the responsible or intelligent thing to do. Spending billions if not trillions of dollars on a military campaign, and losing, is not in our nation’s best interest.

A serious question has arisen as fear mongering becomes more prevalent. Would the people of our nation prefer to return to the saber rattling days of the Bush Administration? Would they prefer to have our nation involved in two wars, with no plan for an end? Would they prefer aggressive and illiterate rhetoric over intelligent thought, speech, and action? Maybe they would.

With the election only five days away, both political parties will be resorting to any and all actions they believe will win the election. It is highly likely that Republicans will gain control of both houses. Their tactics often work to the dismay of reasonable and informed voters.

The Democrats refuse to claim as their own the success of President Obama’s policies. It is simple proof that polls control not only the minds of voters, but the campaign strategies of the contestants.

By James Turnage



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