Immigration Reform may be Forced by Local Authorities

Immigration Reform may be Forced by Local Authorities


Immigration Reform may be Forced by Local Authorities

The 113th Congress may never address the issue of Immigration Reform; or they may be forced to because of actions by local authorities.

Police and Sheriff’s agencies across the nation are refusing to comply with the request of immigration authorities to hold illegal immigrants for a lengthier time than required by their sentence. They are crowding the jails and creating a difficult situation for some agencies. Many of the officers are vocal and believe that they should not be held longer for their crimes than a United States citizen.

The first state to end their cooperation with ICE was California. Now Colorado has decided not to grant the additional 48 hour hold. New York is also considering the same non-action. The estimate is that 9,000 illegal immigrants have been released so far.

And, of course, conservatives are placing the blame on one man for this; President Obama. The failure for immigration reform lies squarely on the shoulders of House Republicans. That is reality. With a ‘do absolutely nothing’ Congress in Washington, more states will begin to end cooperation with the federal government.

What can be done to solve the problem of twelve million men, women, and children who are living in the United States illegally? Republicans want to build a fence. Tea Party followers want them deported. With the exception of the President, Democrats do not have a unified strategy.

Higher and longer fences do not solve the immediate problem. In addition, the cost is prohibitive, and we do not have the huge number of agents which would be required to patrol it.

Deporting twelve million people is actually impossible. How would they be ‘rounded up?’ Where would they be held while the process was being conducted? Who would pay for gathering them, holding them, and transporting them? Where would the money come from?

Jeb Bush and others make the claim that we need them. They perform some forms of labor natural born citizens refuse to. They have children. As the birth rate declines in our nation, where will the young people come from who have the physical strength to do certain jobs?

It should not be easy, as Mr. Obama and others have said, but the only sensible solution is to create a path to citizenship. In time there would be twelve million people paying taxes and contributing to social security and Medicare.

Is this too logical? It appears so for many of our Washington residents.

There is another possible reason Republicans do not want to address immigration; many of those twelve million would be able to vote. The Hispanic community tends to vote Democratic. That could be a problem.

Will the states force Immigration Reform? There exists that very possibility. The first thing that has to happen is for Congress to be in session. Vacations are for working people, not for those who take money from taxpayers for doing nothing; and nothing is what they have accomplished.

All of this may sound harsh, but when our government doesn’t do its job, it affects all of us. Hey, Washington; ‘work’ is a different type of four letter word.

James Turnage



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