Hruby Murder Solved

Hruby Murder Solved


Life in Duncan, Oklahoma was disrupted by the grisly discovery of three bodies shot to death in their home. Now the Hruby murders are solved.

At 8:50 Monday morning a housekeeper called 911. When officers arrived they found the bodies of three persons they believed to be John Hruby, 50, his wife Tinker, 48, and their daughter Katherine, 17; the scene gave evidence of a triple homicide. The women’s bodies were found in the kitchen, and John’s in the doorway to the dining room.

The authorities needed to contact another member of the Hruby family, their son, Alan. The younger Hruby was attending Oklahoma University, about 75 miles away; he is 19-years-old.

The housekeeper’s daughter had his cell phone number and asked him to come to his parent’s home. When he arrived on Tuesday the authorities arrested him for another complaint and took him to the police station for questioning.

Alan Hruby acted very upset when questioning began. He seemed unable to control himself, and officers procured the services of a chaplain. Hruby was repeatedly asked about his whereabouts at the time of the murder; his story continued to change. Alan eventually confessed to the murder of his family on Wednesday.

He told the interviewers that he had gone to his parent’s home and acquired John Hruby’s 9mm pistol. He first shot his mother, Tinker. She was still alive and he shot her again. When his sister Katherine came into the kitchen, he shot her as well. Then he waited for his father to get home and shot him twice. He then disposed of the gun and a CD, which contained surveillance video, by throwing them into a lake.

What was his motive? Always follow the money. In 2013 he had been convicted of credit card fraud. He was traveling in Europe and applied for credit cards under his grandmother’s name. He charged of over $5,000 to the forged cards. He confessed to the authorities that he killed his family because he was in debt to a loan shark for $3,000. By killing his parents he would receive an inheritance, thereby solving his financial problems.

Records also showed that he had traveled to Dallas to attend the Oklahoma-Texas football game after he murdered his family on Thursday. He had reserved a room at the Ritz-Carlton, which was a parole violation. John Hruby had informed his son that his family would no longer be supporting his lavish lifestyle. He admitted to planning the murders for quite some time. He had plans to leave his cell phone at OU when he committed the murders so that the ‘pings’ would show that he was nowhere near Duncan.

Police said the only remorse he displayed was that he was sorry he got caught. They said that they will consult with the Hruby family whether or not to seek the death penalty

John Hruby was the editor of a small newspaper with a circulation of approximately 3,500 named the Marlow Review. His wife worked with him. The couple was described by co-workers as ‘fun-loving,’ and they apparently enjoyed their life. Their assailant has now been charged, and the Hruby murders have been solved.

By James Turnage