Hillary Clinton Speaks the Truth: Like it or Not

Hillary Clinton Speaks the Truth: Like it or Not


HillaryAlready the criticism is pouring in. Speaking at a Democratic rally in Massachusetts the former Secretary of State made a statement claiming that big business and corporations do not create jobs. Hillary Clinton speaks the truth whether you like it or not.

If big business and corporations had a perfect world they would not have a single employee. Small and medium size businesses create jobs, because they create new businesses, and are more dependent on their employees.

Because the Republicans fear her popularity, they will use this statement to attack her at least 10,000 times in 2016, adding innuendo and a smirking face.

Speaking to a woman’s group, Ms. Clinton was talking about the only economic philosophy that Republicans have had since the 1980’s; ‘trickle-down economics.’ It has been proven over and over again to be a losing policy. Corporations and big businesses take tax breaks designed to encourage them to create jobs and send those jobs overseas while putting the extra money in an off-shore account, or to pay astronomical bonuses to CEO’s, CFO’s and other corporate executives. In addition she pointed to the fact that government must be credited for a percentage of job creation.

The battle for the White House in 2016 began long ago, but more vigorous efforts are in the works. Not all Democrats are enamored with the idea of another Clinton presidency. Some progressive groups believe the Clintons are too connected to major corporations and Wall Street. They are searching for alternative candidates to challenge Ms. Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

The name which is most often mentioned is Senator Elizabeth Warren. On certain issues she is the antithesis to Ms. Clinton. Ms. Warren has never ceased her attacks on the banking industry for the recession which began in 2008.

Another possibility is Independent Bernie Sanders, Senator from Vermont, who very frequently votes with Democrats on progressive issues. He is exploring the possibility based on his ability to raise enough campaign money.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination will face an attack campaign by Republicans of enormous proportions. More money will be spent by Republican Super PACs than during any previous presidential campaign thanks to the existence of ‘Citizens United.’ 2016 will prove once and for all that elections are now for sale in the United States and that there is ‘no place too low to go’ when it comes to a political campaign.

Don’t believe that the Democrats won’t attempt to outspend them. The Clinton’s close connections with Wall Street will result in a full war chest.

By James Turnage


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