Ebola: We Want the Truth

Ebola: We Want the Truth


Ebola: We Want The Truth

The Ebola crisis in the United States is growing, while the trust of the American people is waning. Does our government, which includes the CDC, believe we can’t handle the truth? When the information we are given every day changes with the wind, we have a right to demand this about Ebola; we want the truth.

Before Thomas Duncan arrived in Dallas, and was eventually isolated in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, CDC Director Thomas Frieden told the American public a blatant lie. He stated that four hospitals in the United States were entirely able to care for any individual infected with the disease; that was true. The lie was that he claimed that all hospitals were prepared to handle a confirmed case of Ebola.

We are continually told to believe that Ebola is not airborne; that it can only be transmitted through bodily fluids. A simple question; is that is true, why the spacesuits? Secondly how were health care workers infected while wearing these protective suits? Lastly; is fluid expelled by coughing or sneezing one of the bodily fluids which could bring infection?

A recent poll revealed that 68 percent of our nation is concerned that Ebola will spread throughout the United States. 55 percent believe that our government is prepared to effectively counteract the spread. Women are more concerned than men; 71 percent of women, 64 percent of men.

Those percentages could be higher. The latest story about the second nurse who cared for Mr. Duncan and is now herself infected is indicative of the misinformation provided to the American public.

We were first told that there was no danger for the 132 passengers who flew with her from Cleveland to Dallas; she was asymptomatic. Then we were told that she had a slight fever, but not at the level of contagion. Next came the revelation that she had called the CDC before she left Cleveland informing them that she had been a nurse who treated Mr. Duncan, and that she believed she had a fever and could be infected with the virus. The CDC informed her that her temperature at that time was low enough that it was safe to travel; and she called them several times.

This raises a simple question; how did the CDC know that her fever would not rise during her flight? There appears to be a lack of common sense within our nation’s primary directorate of the country’s health.

Spokeswomen for ‘National Nurses United’ have released several statements expressing their tremendous concerns about the preparedness of hospitals to treat the disease, and the lack of training for medical personnel who will be caring for Ebola infected patients.

The citizens of the United States simply want the truth about Ebola, and what they can do to help prevent contamination to their families. There exist no difficulty understanding why Americans don’t trust their government. Lies by our government officials are continuously exposed by the media and ‘watch-dog’ organizations. When a medical issue arises, and we do not believe we can trust what our government and health officials are telling us, justifiable fear will spread, and if the truth is not revealed it will grow to panic. We simply want the truth about Ebola.

By James Turnage


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James Turnage is currently a writer and editor for The Public Slate, a subsidiary of the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is also a novelist who is in the process of publishing his fourth effort. His responsibilities include Editing, reporting , managing.