Ebola Lies and Misdirection

Ebola Lies and Misdirection


Should the population of the United States be worried about the Ebola virus infecting them and their family? I believe the answer is yes. In true governmental fashion much of the information from the CDC changes day to day. I also believe there are several Ebola lies and misdirection about the facts.

When an American doctor and aid worker were brought to the United States, they were transported on private aircraft. Everyone around the victims wore protective suits, and they were taken to one of four hospitals which had been completely prepared to treat Ebola.

Here’s what the American public is being told.

The Ebola virus can only be spread through direct contact with bodily fluids. It is not an airborne disease. The United States is better prepared to care for those infected. It will not spread quickly as it has in Western Africa; our medical care system is far superior.

This is what appears to be the truth.

In Texas as many as 80 people are being monitored for the virus. Each of these individuals had some type of contact with the infected man, or an individual who had been in direct contact with him. Eighteen of those persons had actual physical contact with the man identified as Thomas Eric Duncan.

The Texas hospital initially sent him home after he informed them of his belief that he was infected with Ebola. It was obviously not prepared to care for the victim despite claims from the CDC. I would argue the promise that the United States is better prepared to treat Ebola.

If the virus is not airborne, and can only be spread through the exchange of bodily fluids, why do health care workers wear ‘space suits’ when treating infected individuals? Can the passengers who traveled in the aircraft with Mr. Duncan be assured and confident that they have zero chance of infection? People perspire, and a cough or sneeze ejects a bodily fluid.

Dr. Jimmy Guidry is the Louisiana State Health Officer. He has been preparing hospitals and health care workers to care for Ebola patients; and he began it long before Mr. Duncan was diagnosed in Texas. He was asked about coughing and sneezing; this was his response: To get enough virus to infect you, someone would almost have to sneeze in your eye.”

Is this true, or is it a misdirection to ward off deep concerns about the spread of the virus? (Don’t forget about the ‘space suits’).

In Texas, the three paramedics who transported Mr. Duncan are in isolation for observation and their own protection. The ambulance which transported the victim has been taken off-line for a thorough cleaning. All ambulances receive a ‘wipe-down’ after transporting ill patients; in this case the entire interior of the vehicle will be sanitized.

Since AIDS was named a ‘pandemic,’ 39 million people have died worldwide from AIDS related causes. In the beginning the majority of those in the medical profession ignored the seriousness of the disease for two reasons; they knew little about the disease, and it was considered to be a disease which only infected homosexuals.

Every man, woman, and child in the world could be infected by the Ebola virus. Thousands have died in a short period of time in West Africa. The first death in the United States will cause a panic.

It is up to each individual to decide which statements about Ebola are lies and misdirection, and which are the absolute truth.

James Turnage







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