Donald Trump Diagnoses Obama: They Said What?

Donald Trump Diagnoses Obama: They Said What?


Donald Trump has weighed in on the president’s mental health citing his refusal to institute travel restrictions over Ebola as evidence. The real estate mogul first expressed his concerns on Twitter, then defended them in a television interview. He characterized the situation in Dallas as “total bedlam” and due to an arrival from Africa. Trump is not the only person to advocate for a travel ban, but he seems to have taken it to the furthest extreme. Besides ill mental health, Donald Trump also diagnosed President Obama as “psycho.”

Trump is proficient in the use of Twitter, so his comments on the online social media site were not unusual. However, calling the president psycho is a bit of a problematic statement, which prompted Steve Malzberg to ask him about it on his television show later. Instead of tempering the remark with any kind of conciliatory language, he reiterated and expanded on the idea. Now he accused Obama of incompetence, but questioned even that. “Can anybody be that incompetent?” he asked, concluding that there had to be something wrong, instead.

Part of the reason why Donald Trump came to his diagnoses of Obama was his lack of ability to understand why no travel ban had been instituted. According to him, he can usually understand the other side of an issue. Being able to put himself in another’s shoes is apparently his strong suit, but “if you take a look at the whole thing about stopping the flights, I don’t understand that.” Were the United States to put such a measure in place, it would not be alone. Most of the African nations have done so, as well as Colombia and an island in the Caribbean.

But President Obama has resisted calls to do so, citing concerns that it might actually make the situation worse. With a travel ban, people might look for other, harder to regulate ways to enter the country, making it more difficult to treat them and stop the disease from spreading. Tom Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also expressed the same concern. He said that, “History shows that there is a likelihood of increased avoidance” when travel bans are in place. “We could end up having more cases rather than less.”

Trumps powers of detection, however, were then trained on Dr. Frieden. According to Trump, he is “just crazy” too. The conservative observed that he was the “most confused, disoriented man I think I’ve ever heard speak.” That was enough for him to conclude that the CDC director was taking orders from Obama and had concocted his explanation in order to justify the order. Thus, Donald Trump managed to re-confirm his diagnoses of Obama’s supposed mental ill health without actually offering any evidence of substance, leaving it all on the table of partisan fear mongering and ridiculousness.

Opinion By Lydia Bradbury


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