Democrats Will Lose Control of Congress

Democrats Will Lose Control of Congress


The strategy of many Democratic candidates in 2014 is to distance themselves from President Obama. His approval rating is typical of a ‘lame duck’ president. The strategy is not working. Here’s a simple history lesson why Democrats will lose control of both houses of Congress.

Independent voters will decide many of the outcomes and detest two things; negative ads and apparent weakness by candidates. 2014 has served up a feast of both. Neither party has a monopoly on horrible and degrading political ads. All independents discard them. Only ads which define the issues are considered of value; and they are a very small percentage. The fact that Democrats fail to rally behind their party’s leader for what he has accomplished in six difficult years makes them question their standards, values, and purpose for seeking election or reelection.

This does not mean Independents support Republicans and their lack of progressive ideas to improve the status quo. In general, Independents are more disgusted with continuous political stalemates than anyone; and 2014 may not demonstrate significant change; however, it may be a prediction or a warning for 2016.

If the DNC had focused on the positives of their party and the negatives of the Republicans, e.g. Mitch McConnell, they could have gained seats in the Senate and narrowed the Republican advantage in the House. This ‘do absolutely nothing’ Congress is the fault of conservatives, but progressives are too divisive to use it as an effective and positive strategy.

The facts are undeniable: Obamacare has been a success and none of the predictions for disaster by Republicans has occurred. The economy is on the rise and unemployment numbers are lowering. The President’s ISIS strategy and creation of a coalition including Islamic states appears to be effective. A single death in the United States from the EBOLA virus has happened, but the victim contracted the disease in West Africa.

So, what are cowardly Democrats afraid of? The answer is the polls which could be changed if they supported their own party and its leader.

So, who are we Independents to vote for? For those who live in Nevada ‘none of the above’ may be the popular choice.

As this reporter has attacked the Republican Party as being divided between the GOP and the Tea Party, a very similar situation exists within the Democrats. Older Democrats tend to align with the party’s leader, while ambitious left wingers are more concerned with election than substance.

Is there any possibility that Democrats could retain control of the Senate in 2014? Very unlikely. It has little to do with the favorability of Republican candidates and more with the lack of faith by Independents that Democrats possess the strength of conviction to institute change within our failed government. The proof lies in the fact that Mitch McConnell could retain his seat in Kentucky. In other words a Republican victory in 2014 would in no way demonstrate a mandate. Quite the opposite; it would be an affirmation of the displeasure of the American people with the failure of Washington to be an effective legislative body.

Does any of this truly make a difference for the average American? It is very unlikely. The President retains a veto power, and if it is used, a two-thirds majority in the House is required to overturn his rejection.

What we will maintain is gridlock. Nothing substantive will pass through the legislative process. The 1014th Congress will continue to be as inept as the two previous legislative bodies.

Do we need a new form of government? Independents will unanimously give a resounding ‘yes.’ This election will not be ‘for’ candidates as much as a statement against them. Not a single Republican is worthy of an Independent’s vote, and very few Democrats deserve our support.

Both of the major political parties ignore the fact that they are despised by intelligent and non-partisan voters. Their concern is non-existent because being elected is their one and only concern.

By James Turnage




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