Democrats Accept a Victory by McConnell in Kentucky

Democrats Accept a Victory by McConnell in Kentucky


Mcconnell and Grimes in Kentucky

Americans grow up believing that our government will fight for our beliefs and do what is right for the American people. Tuesday Democrats gave us proof that this is a misconception. They abandoned Allison Grimes in her bid to unseat the Senate Minority Leader. Democrats have decided to accept a victory by Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

The leader of the obstructionist movement in Washington has been Mitch McConnell, the senior Senator from Kentucky. If Democrats are serious about effecting change in Congress, removing him from his position is mandatory. The scenario which is most frightening is that there exists the distinct possibility that McConnell could become the Senate Majority Leader. If both Houses are controlled by Republicans, and they propose bills which are destructive to the poor and working class, President Obama will be forced to use his veto power, and the gridlock in Washington will increase. And that’s hard to believe; the 112th and 113th Congress together have passed fewer bills than any single Congress in history.

For decades the pattern of Democrats is to surrender. When the Democratic National Committee decided this week to cease funding political ads for Grimes, they once again raised the white flag. The American people are likely to pay for that decision.

Surprisingly, Grimes is not deterred by her party’s desertion. Her Campaign Committee claims to have raised sufficient funds on its own with a war chest of approximately 4.4 million dollars.

Grimes has been abandoned so that the DNC can fund incumbents such as Mark Begich from Alaska Mark Pryor from Arkansas, Mark Udall, Colorado, Mary Landrieu, Louisiana, and Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire. All five are in close races, and the concern is that their defeat could signal the loss of Democrat’s control in the Senate. (Not that it appears to matter.)

Whether voters are Democratic, Republican or Independent, it is obvious that McConnell has been in the Senate far too long. He accomplishes nothing. Voters in Kentucky dislike him, according to spot polls, but they hate the President more. A vote for McConnell is a vote against Mr. Obama. They are willing to accept McConnell’s lack of effort to work for their state and the country to make a statement. Welcome to politics in the 21st Century.

The fact is that Democrats are accepting McConnell’s victory in Kentucky. All the rhetoric in non-election years is simply that; words which have no meaning; no substance.

And the Republicans are no better; they live in the past. There are no plans for the future; no legislation has been proffered to improve our nation’s present stalemate. Not a single approach has been offered to solve problems such as immigration or the escalating problems in the Middle East. The only ideas offered include the words ‘we should have.’ Living in the past poses defeat for the future.

The polls prove that all Americans disprove of Congress, and the facts reveal that our ‘do nothing at all’ Congress is spearheaded by the ‘party of no.’ Meanwhile, Democrats refuse to join together and support their leader; they place their individual re-elections in a higher priority than the good of the American people.

When the DNC decided to abandon Allison Grimes, they accepted a victory by McConnell, a man too old and out of touch with the nation’s people to be allowed to waste time sitting in a seat in our Nation’s capital. We’ll be paying for it for the next six years.

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