Clinton or Bush in the White House in 2017?

Clinton or Bush in the White House in 2017?


Hillary Clinton has not formerly declared her candidacy for president in 2016, but little doubt exists that she will be in the race. It is becoming crystal clear that another Bush will seek the Republican nomination. It is very likely that there will be a Clinton or a Bush living in the White House in 2017.

Jeb Bush was Florida’s Governor from 1999 to 2007. He was very popular and was praised by the state’s voters for his work on education and taxes.

Bush is supported and encouraged to place his name on the ballot by most of his family. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush top the list along with Jeb Bush’s son George P. Bush. Mr. Bush’s mother, Barbara, is not so sure. Earlier this year she exclaimed that there had been enough Bush’s in the White House. Those close to the family report that her views have not changed, but she has been encouraged to refrain from speaking publicly about the issue.

Polls taken in several states indicate that Hillary Clinton would defeat all Republican candidates in 2016, but that does not include Bush.

Will Mr. Bush run? He had support in 2012 but declined any attempt to obtain his party’s nomination. His son suggests that he is likely to enter the race in 2016.

Is our country amenable to a second Clinton or a third Bush presidency? Polls prove that the American people are extremely dissatisfied with the status quo in Washington. Will voters send a message to our nation’s leaders by voting for someone who does not have a lengthy history in Washington? Is Rand Paul too extreme for Republicans? Is Elizabeth Warren too progressive for some Democrats?

At the end of George W. Bush’s presidency the very idea of another Bush in the White House was utterly ridiculous. A divided Republican Party could be aided by a conservative candidate who is more centrist. Jeb Bush has already voiced opinions about important subjects such as immigration reform.

Bush has been stumping for Republican candidates running for the midterm elections. His son said that his father would make a decision soon after the November 4th election day passes.

It would be more of a surprise if he decided not to ‘throw his hat into the ring.’ Possible Republican candidates for 2016 present a very weak field. With rumors that Mitt Romney is considering another run, Mr. Bush could do Ann Romney a favor by not subjecting her to another long and futile campaign. But then he might be upsetting his mother.

Another indicator that Jeb Bush intends to run was a statement by his son given to the Associated Press. He said that Mr. Bush’s wife, Columba, is fully supportive. In the past she has indicated that she finds the political world ‘unsavory.’

When Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush eventually declare their intentions, it will be of great interest to all Americans what the first polls will indicate.

The day for the 2016 presidential election is only two short years away. There’ less time than most of us think.

By James Turnage


New York Times

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