Clinton Might be Opposed by Another Woman

Clinton Might be Opposed by Another Woman



The answer is always ‘no,’ but are her actions saying ‘yes?’ Elizabeth Warren sounds like she is definitely not planning to run for the presidency in 2016, but appearances say that Clinton might be opposed by another woman.

Warren has campaigned in Iowa for Senatorial Democratic candidate Bruce Braley. In an interview with People Magazine when asked if she would like to make a run for the White House she was vague.

If she does decide in 2015 to enter the primaries one issue may immediately place her in the spotlight. All the men and women considered to be potential candidates from both sides of the aisle have failed to directly talk about the economy. This single issue is Ms. Warren’s area of expertise.

She was the Chairperson of the Congressional Oversight Panel from November 2008 until November 2010. After the banking debacle which caused the recession in 2008, she was given a position created by President Obama. Ms. Warren was appointed Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau where she served for one year. She was elected to the Senate in 2012.

While the Clintons have close ties to Wall Street, Ms. Warren has been a ‘thorn in their side.’ She has exposed their continued poor banking practices, and asks the question why none of the heads of the ‘too large to fail’ Banks were ever prosecuted. Since she took office in 2013, she has served on the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs as well as the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Lately Ms. Warren’s latest responses moved from ‘no’ to ‘I don’t know.’ And, although a Super PAC has begun to organize funding for a campaign, she called the Federal Election Commission and informed them that she had no connection to the organization.

There is no denying her qualifications. And although she reiterated to the voters of Massachusetts that she would serve out her term as Senator, there exists a factor little talked about but is no doubt an issue which she is well aware of; She is 65-years-old, and would be in her 70’s in 2020. It is not important if voters consider age, it becomes an issue for Ms. Warren to consider. After a difficult campaign, would she be happy that her decision had placed her in the White House for four years of arduous work?Clinton

Is this the year two women will be at the forefront of the battle for the Democratic Presidential nomination? The possibility remains until campaigning is in full force and we know the names of those running.

An interesting note; on the Republican side former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was asked if she would place her name on the list of possible candidates; she also said ‘no.’ Many conservatives would enjoy the prospect of seeing Ms. Rice’s name in contention.

The possibility of having a woman from each side of the aisle on the presidential campaign trail is intriguing. It’s a dream for independent voters that has at least the possibility of becoming a reality.

By James Turnage


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