Australian Chef Cooks Girlfriend’s Remains

Australian Chef Cooks Girlfriend’s Remains


marcus volke

Complaints of a foul odor coming from a Brisbane apartment brought police to the scene. They discovered body parts cooking on a stove. The discovery led them to learn that the apartment’s primary resident was an Australian chef, who was cooking his girlfriend’s remains.

Marcus Volke, 28, had just returned to Australia. He and his Indonesian girlfriend, Mayang Prasetyo, had just moved into an apartment which had become available in the upscale area of Teneriffe a few weeks ago.

The couple met each other while working on cruise ships.

The police discovered the grisly scene on Saturday evening. One resident said he first noticed the smell on Wednesday, and it became progressively worse.

When they arrived Volke fled. He was later discovered in a trash bin where he had apparently slit his own throat. They discovered other body parts of his girlfriend in a trash bin as well. Other residents said they walked by the trash bins every day, but had no idea the smell was from human flesh.

James Turnage

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