Why the NFL is Covering up the Facts of the Ray Rice...

Why the NFL is Covering up the Facts of the Ray Rice Drama


Roger Goodell, and Baltimore Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti continue to lie about what and when they knew about Ray Rice and his domestic violence incident. Why is the NFL covering up the facts of the Ray Rice drama?

The answer is simple. They don’t care about the players involved, they are only concerned about revenue. Their lack of timely and effective action has already cost them sponsors worth millions of dollars. But let’s look at the possibilities. It will never happen, at least I don’t believe so, but what if Anhueser Bush dropped their advertisements? Hundreds of millions of dollars could be lost.

Here is the bottom line. I do not care when or where Goodell or Bisciotti saw the second video. What in the he** did they think happened in the first? Why was an unconscious woman being dragged out of the elevator? Did she suddenly faint? Did she suffer an epileptic seizure? Or was she rendered unconscious by an NFL football player? And a two game suspension was reasonable? Give me a break. The lies began as soon as the press was aware of the initial facts of the incident.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. They are part of the American capitalistic/corporate conglomerate which controls our country. Goodell is bad for football, but great for corporate profit.

The truth is in the videos and the facts. There are more lies being told here than in the Bush Administration. And they are occurring because incredible financial loss is involved.

NFL fans have been raped by both owners and player for years. It will only get worse. Ticket prices have risen beyond what most fans can afford. DirecTV has offered packages for the average man and woman to be able to watch their favorite teams play on Sunday. I, like many others, can no longer afford that privilege either.

Goodell’s entire goal has been to increase the wealth of the owners of all 32 franchises. He has done an incredible job. But as he protected the owners, he punished the players and the fans. With the revelation of his lies to protect a single owner, he must excuse himself from any association with the league. And Baltimore Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti must join him and follow Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers and sell his NFL franchise.

Was it poor planning, or did the Commissioner and owners simply ignore the possibility of domestic violence within the league. The NFL is composed of young men, often without an education, who have been privileged since their college years. They exist in a violent and physical world where they are treated and act like ‘alpha males.’ Here’s the latest from Bisciotti describing how he believes the problem is solved.

“We have a lot of planning to do,” Bisciotti said. “I can assure that the flow of information between security and Ozzie and John and I will be a whole lot more detailed, documented, recorded if we need to. If a situation like this came up again, trust me, we’re prepared. If it happens again a year from now, not only will be more prepared, but I think it’s pretty clear the league is going to handle it a whole lot different.”

When I was in the military, enlisted men had one basic philosophy; CYA, cover you’re a**. Bisciotti is attempting to accomplish that very thing.

James Turnage