Why do Republicans Hate Obamacare?

Why do Republicans Hate Obamacare?


To call today’s group on the right side of the aisle ‘Republicans’ is a misnomer. They do not resemble the former ‘Grand Old Party’ in any manner. Past Republicans, going all the way back to Lincoln, worked hard for the people of our nation. They would have penned legislation to secure affordable health care for all of our citizens. So, why do Republican’s hate Obamacare?

Although there are nearly two-and-one-half years remaining in his Administration, Obamacare may be our President’s legacy; that wouldn’t make Republicans happy at all.

In Florida, Charlie Crist is in a battle with Rick Scott for Governor. Crist was at one time a Republican. Quinnipiac says the race is too close to call. Once again, using Obamacare as a weapon, here are some of the statements being made in television ads for Scott.

“I think Obamacare harms doctors and patients.”

“It increased my health policy, personal health policy, 30 percent.”

“I’m disabled and I can’t find doctors that will help me.”

“My family’s medical costs have doubled.”

“Many doctors are losing their patients, and patients are losing their doctors. I was one of them.”

“Obamacare hurts my ability to create jobs.”

All of these claims by paid actors are either false or a distortion of the truth according to ‘PolitFact Florida,’ written by Amy Sherman. The final paragraph of the report tells the truth: “People may see increases to their health care costs under the law, but the typical experience is nowhere near what the ad suggests. Indeed, other Floridians will see their costs go down. We rate the claim Mostly False.”

The midterm elections will surely see many more attacks on television and at political rallies decrying the evils of Obamacare.

In another publication a list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ is available. The summation of the article makes the statement that more people will be affected positively than negatively; and costs may go up a few percentage points for some who already have insurance, but the quality of their policies will be greatly increased.

Who are the Republicans of today? Why have they moved so far from the path of their predecessors? Elias Isquith wrote an article for ‘Salon.’ Its title is: “Not the true Republican Party”:  How the party of Lincoln ended up with Ted Cruz. In the article Mr. Isquith presents an interview with the author of: “To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party.” She is a Boston College professor and historian by the name of Heather Cox Richardson. A link to the article will be posted below.

The central focus point of the book represents how far the Republican Party has moved away from its origins.

During the time of Lincoln’s Presidency the Republican Party attempted to “turn the principle of the Declaration of Independence, that everybody should have equality of opportunity, into a political reality.” The “Constitution went ahead and codified that the central idea of America was the protection of property.” These two principals were merged to be the base of the Republican Platform.

Obamacare is equal opportunity for all Americans. It should be a right of every citizen to have the means to provide health care for him and for his family. Health care should not be solely for the privileged class and members of Congress.

I cannot answer my original question; ‘why do Republicans hate Obamacare?’ True Republicans would claim it as their own.

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