What Does John Boehner’s Comment about the Unemployed Really Mean?

What Does John Boehner’s Comment about the Unemployed Really Mean?


As the House was preparing to leave on another paid seven week vacation, Speaker John Boehner had a few things to say while speaking at the right wing American Enterprise Institute. Read the following and decide what John Boehner’s comment really means about him and his party’s attitude toward the poor and unemployed.

“We’ve got a record number of Americans not working. We’ve got a record number of Americans stuck, if you will. And I think it’s our obligation to help provide the tools for them to use to bring them into the mainstream of American society. I think this idea that’s been born over the last – maybe out of the economy, over the last couple of years that, you know, I really don’t have to work. You know, I don’t really want to do this; I think I’d just rather sit around. This is a very sick idea for our country.

“I grew up – most of you know, I grew up in a family with 11 brothers and sisters. My dad owned a bar. And if you wanted something, you worked for it. Now, I don’t know that was any moment my entire bringing up that I didn’t have some kind of a job, whether throwing newspapers, cutting grass, mopping floors at the bar, tending the bar, dealing with those characters that are walking every day. Trust me, I did it all. But I do think that his idea on the Earned Income Tax Credit has an awful lot of merit.”

The questions are; how far out of touch with mainstream America in the 21st century is the Speaker? Does he speak for all Republicans? How wealthy has he become ‘serving’ his country?

He is the last person qualified to talk about work. His Congress has passed fewer bills than any other in the past 60 years. What gives him or any member of Congress the right to speak about a work ethic? Shouldn’t they be doing the job taxpayers have elected them for while receiving a minimum of $174,000 a year? Calling the unemployed ‘lazy’ is embarrassing, and unfair.

In complete fairness to the members of the House, Boehner failed to receive 12 Republican votes as he campaigned for re-election as the Speaker in 2013.

There is speculation that he may have trouble retaining his position in 2014. He needs 218 votes to remain the Speaker of the House; the latest estimate is 217 votes; for now.

It is fair to say that the Republican Party is the party of the wealthy, and if the Speaker’s attitude about the unemployed is considered part of the Conservative platform, how do they get the working class to vote for them? That’s a simple answer; play upon the voting public’s weakness; their emotions.

Fear has been used and used well by Republicans since the Reagan Administration. Tell falsehoods and half-truths which raise the average man’s blood pressure, and he’ll swear you’re a good man and deserves your vote. Use the gun lobby’s tactic, the NRA, and tell your constituents that Democrats want to take away your guns; tell them that they want to remove the control of the Christian right over our country; (that one’s true, and about time); and call the other side ‘baby killers’ because they believe women have a right to their own bodies.

I would never be a member of a political party, and they wouldn’t want me. I reject the idea that voting along party lines is a good thing. Being Independent is the only true way of voting intelligently. Being Independent is being American.

What do you think John Boehner’s comment really mean?

James Turnage