Obama Daydreams About Being an ‘Adviser to ISIS’

Obama Daydreams About Being an ‘Adviser to ISIS’


At a time when the United States faces, arguably, its most potent Islamic fundamentalist foe, it should be cause for concern that the President daydreams, aloud, of being an “adviser to ISIS.” This, however, was apparently the case, during a recent audience with guests at the White House. During a wide-ranging conversation prior to the President’s September 10 televised address to the nation, the discussion turned to the recent beheadings of American hostages by ISIS, the terrorist army currently wreaking havoc across both Iraq and Syria.

As America and the world witnesses, once again, the floundering of a leader clearly out of his depth, Obama’s comment is a disturbing reminder of his life-long affinity with Islamic extremism. Whether or not Barack Obama was ever a practicing Muslim is open to debate – like much else in his obscure past. It has been said that he attended an Islamic school – known as a madrassa – whilst living in Indonesia with his mother and step-father. This claim was later the subject of a massive attempt, by a sympathetic media, to discredit and debunk it. Whatever the truth, there can be no doubt that young Obama would have been influenced by Islam far more than he was by Christianity; his own, later statements on the subject prove this beyond any doubt.

During a 2012 address to the United Nations, the President said “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Despite the fact that his defenders would dismiss this as merely being part of a speech aimed at denouncing all religious intolerance, the actual words used are disturbing; “the future must not belong to those who slander…” There can be absolutely no doubt that, here, Obama was calling for those who dare even to criticize Islam to be punished – a sentiment shared, identically, by Islamic extremists. Additionally, this sentiment is in direct opposition to the constitutional right to freedom of speech. Certainly, the President has never verbalized any objection to the slandering of the Christian or Jewish faiths.

During an address to an audience at Cairo University, Egypt, in 2009, the President spoke at length about the dangers of extremism and of his plans to foster so-called religious “tolerance.” During that speech, he remarked that “we will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities.” The very notion of the United States government encouraging Americans to study in religious-based communities is, once again, in stark contradiction to the First Amendment. He said nothing about encouraging Muslims to study in Christian communities and so – once again – displayed a disturbing religious bias.

Indeed, the President is on record, countless times, praising Islam and insisting that America owes some historical debt to Muslims. Little wonder, then, that he would daydream about being an “adviser” to the Islamic extremists currently fighting to establish a new Caliphate.

The recent White House meeting, reported on by the New York Times, touched on several areas of foreign policy, including the situation in Ukraine, but focused more on the current crisis in Syria and the expanding conflict in Iraq.

According to several attendees, the President suggested that ISIS had made a strategic mistake by beheading, and filming, American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff. His argument was that these barbaric actions had further stirred the ire of the American people, leading them to broadly support military action against the Islamist group. Obama is reported to have speculated about what he would have done, were he an “adviser to ISIS.” Rather than kill the hostages, he proposed, he would have released them with notes on their chests, asking – or warning – Americans; “Stay out of here; this is none of your business.” His somewhat over-optimistic reasoning, here, is that this would have doused the nation’s anger and made it less likely that Americans would support waging war against ISIS.

What becomes very clear is that Obama has no stomach for taking further military action against the Islamic State; rather, he clearly prefers to aid their cause by bringing about the downfall of Syria’s President, Bashir Assad. Indeed, during the same meeting, the President expressed a willingness to destroy the Syrian government’s air-defense system.

It is hard to fathom how Americans can feel safe, either abroad or at home, when their own leader even casually mentions that he would have advised the very people who seek to completely wipe out the American way of life. What hope is there for a nation whose leader daydreams about aiding its most ruthless and murderous foe?

Opinion by Graham J Noble


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