Is Rouhani Entirely Wrong about ISIS?

Is Rouhani Entirely Wrong about ISIS?


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. He heavily criticized both Western and Arab states for ‘sowing the seeds of extremism’ in the Middle East. He blamed western blunders for the rise of ISIS. Is Rouhani entirely wrong pertaining to his statement about ISIS?

“Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hands of madmen, who now spare no one,” Mr. Rouhani said, adding that “all those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terror groups must acknowledge their errors and apologize.”

His speech also blamed the lack of positive relations with the west based on sanctions related to Iran’s Nuclear Program, and that no negotiations would be held until they were lifted.

“The people of Iran, who have been subjected to pressures especially in the last three years as a result of continued sanctions, cannot place trust in any security cooperation between their government with those who have imposed sanctions and created obstacles in the way of satisfying even their primary needs, such as food and medicine.”

Philosophically he joined with all nations opposing the terrorist group ISIS or ISIL. He was in accord with other nations noting the danger of extreme Islamic terrorists. “I am struck that these murderous groups call themselves Islamic,” he said.

Is Rouhani wrong about the United States being at least partially responsible for the existence of ISIS and groups like it?

If our nation had not invaded Iraq under the guise of false accusations, would ISIS hold geographical areas in Northern Iraq today? Did American colonialism infuriate the Muslim community and create extreme factions?

Unlike his predecessor, President Obama has included Muslim nations in his efforts to defeat ISIS. The hope is that the Islamic people will see that this is not an attack on one people, one religion, but an effort to defeat extremists.

Mr. Rouhani also pointed out that the image of Iran is a distorted one. He told the assembly that the belief that Iran has goals to control other nations is ‘delusional Iranophobia.’ He reminded the world that Iran was among the first countries to come to the aid of Iraq in June when Islamic State fighters were invading the country from a base in Syria.

The question must be asked and receive a definitive answer; is the United States at least partially responsible for the creation of Islamic terrorist organizations which claim to be on a religious quest, when the reality is that these men want to create a nation where men control the lives of women and children, and non-Muslims are not free to exist?

Sharia Law has nothing to do with the peaceful followers of Islam. Placing women in a position of servitude is detrimental to the acceptance of the Religion of Islam. To claim that these extremist groups are followers of the Prophet Muhammad is ludicrous. Considered the final prophet of God, he taught his followers to revere love and peace. The greeting he taught his people was a simple, yet meaningful phrase; ‘may peace be upon you.’

For anyone in the Western world, or extreme groups such as ISIS, to believe that the Prophet Muhammad was less than a man of peace is pure fallacy. Hatred breeds evil, and evil thrives on hatred which is always created by a few, not the many.

Every man and woman in the thinking world is aware that groups on the outside such as ISIS must be not only beaten, but destroyed and eliminated from discussion. These men are not human and are most certainly not demonstrative of the Islamic faith.

However, I do not believe that Rouhani is entirely wrong about the creation of groups such as ISIS. We must blame the decisions made by our government in the past which have now shaped ours and the future of all the world’s nations.

James Turnage

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