Climate Change Can no Longer be Denied

Climate Change Can no Longer be Denied



Corporations can hire all the actors and scientists they want, but climate change can no longer be denied. The first nine months of 2014 are proof, producing severe heat, cold, and drought conditions throughout the country.

On Sunday morning the largest crowd in history will be protesting climate change in New York City. The organizers, ‘,’ say they are expecting ‘hundreds of thousands of participants.’

“Not only will it be the largest climate march that’s ever happened, but it really represents a new kind of movement that’s much more diverse,” said executive director May Boeve. “Climate change has been something of a siloed issue for a long time, but I think that’s really changed, and that’s a good thing. More and more people are seeing how climate change effects them.”

This event was planned just days before the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit in Midtown Manhattan.

Why has the government of the United States virtually ignored climate change? Firstly, Africa and other nations far from our shores have been the most affected. Secondly, major corporations such as the petroleum companies and automobile manufactures have spent millions of dollars lobbying our Congressmen to ignore it or even deny it.

The poorest nations in the world suffering the greatest consequences are rightfully pointing fingers at the richest nations, who are the largest polluters of the environment.

Despite these facts, this is what we can or cannot expect from the U.N. Summitt.

The summit is not formal. It is a one day event and will hopefully set standards for the official meeting at the end of 2015 in Paris.

The largest polluters, the United States and China, are not expected to offer new measures to reduce pollutants.

Contrary to claims, the summit will show that temperatures are stabilizing. Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

The U.S. will offer evidence that it has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10percent in 2012 for the levels of 2005. Representatives will claim that there will be a 17 percent reduction by 2020 from 2005 levels.

Beth Ackerman, leader of the Riverside Church, is supporting the march and will be hosting 80 advocates for change. She describes climate change as “the social justice issue of the day.”

“Island nations who are resource poor are losing their entire homes, and we hope that the UN is going to take their plight very seriously,” she said. “And of course, they weren’t the ones who were burning all the fossil fuels that got us into the climate change problem in the first place.”

This march is represented as a statement by the 99 percent who are not in power. This group is also the most affected in the United States and around the world. Because the predicted effects of climate change have not yet risen to their projected and devastating levels, the largest nations, and the largest polluters have failed to address the problem; just as the poorest nations continue to see increased famine and pestilence.

UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert C. Orr said it would be “the largest gathering of global leaders in history on the subject of climate change.”

“It is to introduce both leaders to climate change and climate change to leaders,” he said. “If you look at all the leaders in the world today, very few of them in office today have been through any international process on climate change.”

It has been often said that ‘ignorance is no excuse.’ Climate change exemplifies the premise. Weather patterns have changed all over the world. In the United States we have witnessed extreme cold in the east, and extreme drought in the west and Midwest. Upper New York state experienced tornadoes; the first in recorded history. Climate change can no longer be denied.

James Turnage