Ads Attempting to make the Evil Disappear have not Changed the Truth

Ads Attempting to make the Evil Disappear have not Changed the Truth


The ‘Clearwater Horizon’ was a glitch; at least that’s what BP wants us to believe. Their present advertisements extoll the company’s virtues as job creators and a company which is deeply concerned about the environment. Pharmaceutical companies, automobile manufactures, and the coal industry continue to make attempts to place them in a more favorable position in the public eye. Corporations continue to attempt to make the evil disappear, but they have not changed their ways.

Here are some examples from our past representing how far corporations will go to ensure profits at the public expense. They will hopefully make you think the next time you watch an ad from these huge corporations. (Why would I take a drug which has many side effects, including death?)


The documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was released in May, 2006. It warned that industrial pollution was changing the earth’s climate and melting the polar ice cap. Eventually major cities would be flooded and the planet would become uninhabitable.

Almost immediately ‘public service announcements were released claiming ‘global warming’ was a hoax. Industrial plants and automobiles released carbon dioxide which is good for plants; they breathe it. Industrial waste was ‘harmless and essential to life.’

So, who paid for these ads? A group calling themselves the ‘Competitive Enterprise Institute.’ This ‘institute’ is composed primarily of oil and automobile companies such as General Motors, Ford, Exxon, Arco and Texaco.


In 1997 thousands of high school students across the nation were excused from class to attend a mobile presentation of ‘Chem TV.’ It was labeled as an opportunity to interest young men and women regarding the magical world of chemistry. There were video presentations, games, skits, large screen TV’s, lasers and T-shirts.

Although educators believed the presentation was about Chemistry, it was actually about the Chemical Industry. The project was entirely paid for by the Dow Chemical Corporation. Dow Chemical is one of the nation’s leading polluters. It is also the company which supplied napalm and Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. It is also responsible for GMO’s today.

The program toured for three years and won several awards. The project was tax exempt because it was deemed ‘educational.’


In 1998 the federal government filed a lawsuit against Microsoft. Prosecutors claimed the high tech electronics company was violating federal law; acting as a monopoly.

The ‘Independent Institute,’ a California based group, began running full page ads in major newspapers in 1999. The ad had statements by more than 240 ‘economists’ supporting Microsoft, and claiming that the lawsuit would hurt consumers and damage the economy.

Who is the ‘Independent Institute?’ In 1998 it was solely owned by one company; Microsoft.


In 2003 an organization was formed to counteract America’s growing problem with obesity, which is responsible for ailments such as heart disease and diabetes among many others. It was named ‘The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition.’

Soon after its formation, a news conference was held. Its investigations claimed they proven that there was no relation between obesity, fast food, and junk food from vending machines.

The American Council for Fitness and Nutrition is in reality a lobby. It is funded by companies such as McDonalds, Nestle, Sara Lee, the Sugar Association, Hershey, and Taco Bell, among others.


Corporations have only a single goal, and that goal is not the betterment of the United States and its people. It is simply ‘profit.’ And, although American Corporations have reported all-time record profits for the last ten years, they continue to operate in the same manner in which they did 20 years ago.

When you are watching television and an oil company, an automobile manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, or a coal company is running an ad praising themselves for their superior products, environmental efforts, and how they are employers of thousands upon thousands of individuals, what should you do?

If you believe them, call me. I have a patch of desert sand here in Northern Nevada, and underneath it lies an underwater river. I’m willing to sell it at a very reasonable price.

James Turnage

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James Turnage is currently a writer and editor for The Public Slate, a subsidiary of the Guardian Liberty Voice. He is also a novelist who is in the process of publishing his fourth effort. His responsibilities include Editing, reporting , managing.