Probate Judge Candidate Supremacist Spouse’s Beliefs May Affect Campaign

Probate Judge Candidate Supremacist Spouse’s Beliefs May Affect Campaign


Anna Zubkova is a licensed attorney in Plainfield, Connecticut. She graduated from Suffolk Law School in Massachusetts in 2002. She practices in various areas including bankruptcy, business, real estate, family, landlord/tenant, and probate law. Anna Zubkova is also candidate for probate judge in Plainfield, Connecticut.

Anna’s campaign website boasts that she is “Caring. Compassionate. Competent.” What her campaign site fails to mention is that she’s married to a White Supremacist. On August 11, 2014, The Daily Beast reported this fact under the headline “Awkward: This Democratic Judicial Candidate’s Husband is a White Supremacist.” The article was published the day before voters were scheduled to go to the polls and vote.

Robert Freeman, Anna’s husband, recently blogged that he wants “to shape America in his image,” while establishing white-only towns. Zubkova responded in the article, saying that her husband is entitled to have diverse views. Although true, the Plainfield voters may feel differently about a candidate whose spouse openly espouses a pro-white segregated population. Freeman defended himself by saying that he welcomes the use of other races to expose and promote his agenda. He denies that he’s promoting racism or supremacy. He simply describes himself as “pro-white”.

Zubkova stated that Freeman didn’t have those views when they married. She indicated, however, that she is aware that his beliefs are strong, and that those views could keep her from winning the election. During the interview with The Daily Beast, Freeman gives several examples of other races having their own neighborhoods, towns, or cities contrasting with the fact that whites are prohibited from having the same.

Freeman’s interview reads like White Supremacist propaganda, discussing spies and segregation with no regard for civil rights and equality. “I think black people and Hispanic people are used as pawns to hurt white people,” he said, “I’ve always seen people of color as kind of pawns.” Beast writer Gideon Resnick did not provide demographics on the Plainfield population; however, a review of 2014 census records indicates the town’s population is about 90 percent white, 4 percent Hispanic, 1 percent Black, and 1 percent Asian.

Based on the above composition, it may be foolish for Freeman to look elsewhere for his whites-only town. For the most part, he is already living in it. Come election day, he may regret his vivid description of his American dream if it affects his wife’s candidacy.
Although Zubkova believes her husband is entitled to have his opinion, she doesn’t believe that his opinion should be considered when voters take to the polls. She told The Norwalk Bulletin that Freeman’s opinions will not affect her performance on the bench. “As a judge, I can assure you I would not discriminate against anyone, even based on their beliefs. In my career, I’ve represented clients from many different backgrounds and races, all to the best of my knowledge and ability.”

Campaigning til the end, Zubkova expects the voters to focus on what’s important: her caring, compassion, and competence to hold the probate judge position. Ignoring her husband’s racist beliefs may cost Anna Zubkova the opportunity to demonstrate her good traits to the voting populace of Plainfield.

By: Tori Bryant

The Norwalk Bulletin