Syria: I Am Not Looking at the Sun but I Am Making...

Syria: I Am Not Looking at the Sun but I Am Making Myself Blind


Syria: I Am Not Looking at the Sun but I Am Making Myself Blind

I also dream of past lives, but mainly this one, I dream of overthrowing the warlords and rescuing the slaves, in Africa. I dream of politics and skating. I wear some dresses and puzzle men wearing a toga or dress in white and say they make it rain for me, or I’m going to go try to cause a war, or insult the president by accident if you don’t tell me what exactly is going on, I dream about the things I could have had, but I remember something very specific that no one is doing. And this is the first step. It has to do with clouds, and apparently people can’t put pins in them. And this issue about Syria is preventing this.

China, show Iran Nuclear weapons, take them away and give them to Israel, go to the Ukraine and send money to the Army, and make the people protesting happy without giving them opium, you can have your arms races if you want, it doesn’t matter just keep trading with Russia. Send the people from the Ukraine to Turkey and tell Turkey That you’re making a social comment about your new policies, and just sit down and say we don’t know what culture we are and make a temporary law about how if you’re Turkish you can’t get arrested by the police if you are protesting violence of the government or something. And then the Ukraine can go back, and turkey needs to talk to Germany but it absolutely can’t.

China give some weapons to Russia and tell Iran. Then tell them to threaten Syria Germany, Russia and Israel. Germany needs to talk to Turkey about their economic policies, and how they can help them. Turkey identifies with Egypt however, so these weapons absolutely need to end up in Israel if no where else. Because otherwise the tiny little country is going to get destroyed. Egypt stopped fighting. Which means something about Lebanon. Stating that Syria is an ally, means you are threatening Israel, and Turkey because of the War in Georgia and Russia’s capability to just turn the power off for a couple days if Russia can’t do it Germany can now and Russia just clarified two things about world war two. Or someone could explain to these people that China’s balances of accounts and budgets and traded goods are exactly the opposite of Russia’s, which means one their arsenals are equal, but different, and they can force you to invade someone. Just differently. I was going to do this with a peace exercise by making Egypt go across the Red Sea and reading a speech about religion but it would offend people and that would be bad because apparently it’s like a really big deal if you have differing views on religion. Iran is telling turkey not to invade Syria because It is trying to prevent revolutions from happening again.

I do not like Iran, but I am still saying this. It is also trying to rectify the whole Lebanon thing, which is a huge issue, and it is unforgiveable. The thing is though, is that it’s not these people’s responsibility to make up for other people’s mistakes. It is however, the responsibility of a country to ascertain the correct course of action and timing and honorable sense of duty. It is most definitely proper in the conduct of war to consider the psychology of fear. Fear is not knowing who you are, not identifying with any kind of sovereignty or group, or land. It’s not about weapons, it’s about human nature.

A wise man who I don’t like once told me, that terrorists try to target Saudi Arabia because they restored the old caliphate. It’s secular but they are still religious but diverse and they are really economically inclined. So it’s ridiculous to target them. That is very offensive. If you target turkey, you’re targeting Saudi Arabia. And Russia but not china. Because of economics. Also that means you’re a terrorist, targeting America, because America is Yelling at Russia, which is bad, and you’re targeting your own people, and people who are your own culture, and the UN cannot let you do that. So don’t. Stop. I am making myself blind, and it is making me sick doing it because violence really triggers me and I was really upset by nine eleven, but I am not blaming you.

Additionally, Obama is commenting on the self-filling prophecy that this will be because of Russia, and comparing Russia to China, by commenting that Russia is closing in on itself, like China did when it closed off its borders back in the day, and then the opium war happened. With Brittain. The effects of opium are to make you really happy and say what you desire, it is how you get information out of people. So basically everyone wants to know how exactly you are financing a prolonged war, which is another way to provoke the UN. There is legal opium production in India and the UK. Russia has oil and it should close off its borders. Germany has renewable energy that Russia needs and Russia and Germany need to be talking. Russia has the Metal and Germany has the energy. It’s the opposite of the Ukraine. And Germany is involved which means it’s the European Union, saying we are going to attack you if you don’t stop fighting because each of our individual country’s individual sanctity’s will be threatened but only three are stepping up because of self-interest. The European Union is a bad idea because each nation looks out for its own self-interest. For example, France is still not stepping in on any of this, but Germany is because Germany feels bad. But the Renewable energy thing is a good idea. The UN is sanctioning the Congo and blaming the genocide in Rwanda on them because that war has gone on too long and saying Saudi Arabia go give your oil to them, we are not blaming you. Actually I am saying that.

Basically Russia is annexing Crimea in order to point out that everything is about imports and borders and arms races. The Ukraine is taking the military away from Crimea which explains their severe budget deficit, and the reason why Germany will not give anything to turkey. This is also about Diasporas, and prolonged wars make people LEAVE, like leave their homes be homeless. Like the Chinese and Indian diaspora. Because of Opium. Which is a rectification of history due to the inadequate drawing of borders in ex-soviet states. By the time you are finished reading this essay someone already took the weapons away. And Iran, the sanctions don’t matter, they don’t need to worry about you anymore. Here is a metaphor. And we never did, you’re a bee that really likes the honey on the wall that I refuse to swat but it kills itself, but somehow that is good for it’s culture because the diplomats from Germany are working it out, while I am chasing the guy that stole the painting from the amber room and it stops buzzing around and the hummingbird doesn’t eat it and the mockingbird doesn’t die or you can be the cockroach that eats trash and lives forever. Or a really good way to resolve this conflict would be to have a really big conference, about nuclear proliferation, economics, trade, culture and what exactly it is that people are upset about. And no this is not therapy. At the door, we can have people say be really scared of guns and drop them like ten minutes tops. Just for ten minutes. You were acting like children and someone had to intervene it’s good that the big countries did.

I wish I could. I will teach you what war and peace is. Although I’ve never read the book.
So I have a question, What is war? War is peace? And Pain. What is Pain? It’s me watching you fight and making myself blind. It’s me forcing myself to force you to choose what’s better for you all and I have no idea so I’m just guessing, war and peace is when coffee spills and the lines cross paths, like star crossed lovers. Peace and war is me taking the knife from king tut’s tomb and pretending to die because I don’t understand why I can’t be with my archetypes. But at first imagine what it would be like, like a glimpse into another world. War and peace is the transience of time contradicting itself. If you can prove that you can change the past, or stop fighting for like five minutes, or fight for something that you can explain to someone who doesn’t understand anything, and do something really cool, you deserve what you’re fighting for, sitting for, waiting for, hoping for, dreaming for.

You deserve what you’re annexing, what your hiding, what you’re watching for, you deserve the world and everything in it, and someone to steal it for you. In strange ways. So talk with crowds and keep your virtue, forget about the trade routes, the opium fruits, so look at the horizon for a second, see the stars align and think we’re redefining the course of time.

Opinion By Natalie Watson